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Louisburg Unified School District Reviews

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As a whole, the USD 416 district was organized and kept all events well planed. The teachers, adminstration and staff were very helpful to me during my time at this district.
Louisburg School District is a great district to be a part of. The schools aren't huge so you know everyone in your class but are big enough that you aren't with the same kids everyday. If I could change anything about the district, it would be that administration listen to the kids more. We know what works for us and what doesn't so I feel we should be a part of the answer.
Louisburg School District is a small district. The schools are clean and appropriately sized. The superintendent sometimes struggles with confidentiality issues, especially regarding his staff. It is an average district. Louisburg could use some staffing changes to better the district.
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Honestly, most of the staff and administration are very helpful and understanding, though there are some exceptions. The curriculum is challenging, but most teachers help you and make it a somewhat enjoyable time. The students have a lot of school pride, but it's a relatively small school, and gossip spreads like wildfire. Kids have a hard time getting bullying taken seriously, and both the staff and administration can be biased in their actions towards students depending on who they are. I'd like that changed.
I attend Louisburg College and it has been a great experience so far. Louisburg College is a Junior college, you get to stay on campus which is rare for any two year college. The campus is a fair size; its not tiny but its not huge, which is good for a lot of student's especially the ones that has to go to a lot of classes and events in one day.
I would like to see administration that cares return. When I graduated from LHS the administration made it clear they didn't care what happened after graduation and during my senior year.
My time in the Louisburg school district was a very good one as I left it with lasting relationships with the great educators employed there and well prepared to attend college. Compared to the other students I have met in my college classes, the education I had in Louisburg has uniquely prepared me for college.
I would like to see administration knowing the kids names and taking a genuine interest in their well being. I would like to see traditions upheld and things not changed by only one or 2 teachers. I would like to see teachers held accountable for grading work and working with students to make them successful. If the district would listen to the kids and their needs it would be so much better, especially at the high school. I think they need to remember we are still kids and need guidance, it isn't college, especially non AP classes.
The most impressive thing about Louisburg High School is by far the teachers. They care about what they teach, and who they're teaching. It's more than just a job to them. The least impressive area is the diversity of the school. Granted, it's hard to have diversity in the middle of conservative Kansas, but it's still certainly the weakest aspect of the district.
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