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Louisa-Muscatine Community School District Reviews

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We are such a tight-knit close community, and most of us have all grown up together. We have amazing staff that are great at shaping the students to become better individuals. We need to work on having better resources and facilities because it sometimes interferes with our learning, especially when the internet or heat does not work. Our staff and administration work hard to ensure that Louisa-Muscatine feels like home.
Overall I think my school has a very welcoming and friendly environment. I always feel safe to be myself and I never question my safety.
One thing that I really love about Louisa Muscatine is how close the community is, it is a very small school and everyone knows each other which makes bonding very easy. All of the teachers and faculty care about the students and are always there to help you.
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I've gone to L-M my whole life. We are an average school district in the middle of a cornfield. My school is laid back and welcoming, but we could be a little better when it comes to diversity and preparing students to be successful in college. Luckily, we just added a class that's main goal is to get students on track for college.
I enjoy the teachers and the different styles of learning they have brought to my attention. Also they brought to my attention that there are so many different careers out there. It makes me happy that I have so many careers to chose from and not just couples careers. One thing they need to change is how they teach it sometimes, not all students are the same so they to learn need different techniques to help those students.
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