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It is a beautiful new building with college online courses offered. I wish there was more support for girls sports, music and arts.
Louisa County Public Schools provide a great education for all of its students. The high school has a wide variety of classes that might help students decide what they want to do when they get out of college. The teachers at all of the schools provide all the help that students need and just a little more. The amount of pride for the county is unbelievable. When the high school has pep rally’s everyone is so into it and so excited to be apart of an amazing community!
The schools overall were great. There were some downsides as when I attended high school for the first two years, I was in a trailer. But other than that it was fine.
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Overall a good school, provides many opportunities for classses and the school spirit is very high. They could could have more sport involvement with the other sports.
I just graduated from Louisa County High School and my brother in 2014. We have come to see a great change in the way they handle diversity and safety. I have learned a lot and am now prepared to enter college. I am so grateful for the experience and the teachers that help mentor me and my siblings.
The school is a state of the art like no other I have seen. The teachers and staff care about the education that the students receive.
Overall I did not like the school when my children first started attending it, the reason was because it was a lot of favoritism showed to students of faculty and staff and coaches and so forth. My children was bullied starting off because they were not the aggressive type of boys to curse, they had and still have manners such as yes ma'am, no sir, thank you. But I taught my children discipline and how to handle situations like that when it occured because my sons are mannerable and honor roll students and one thing know one can take from you is respect and knowledge! My senior today is ready for college because of his mentality and his bible beliefs in God, he's receiving an advanced diploma on his graduation in a few weeks, and I give God all the praise!
Louisa County Public Schools is one of the best school districts in the country and state. The sense of pride and family are what really make it stand out.
I've attended Louisa county public schools from pre-k to 12th grade, it's not terrible but it could be better. I feel the administration and teachers are very biased. Also, conflicts in school are not taken seriously and discipline is a joke. The new high school is decent but it doesn't allow the students to express themselves or show their pride in the classrooms or hallways.
Louisa County High School has very good academic programs, needs work on getting student prepared for college applications/visits, but the sports programs are great! The Football team made it to the Virginia State football championship and the basketball team is #1 in district play at the moment. I have enjoyed all my years in the Louisa County Public School system. Elementary school was fun, Middle school more challenging, yet High school really prepared me for higher education. Overall Louisa County Public Schools is a great, exciting, educational, athletic supported, and community driven school system.
It was a good school, a little strict on some things but was very safe. The school was not all that invested in other sports other than football, often left other sports like soccer out to dry in terms of funding
Louisa County Public Schools are a great place to send your kids, however, at the high school, the teachers are not strict with the students.
The staff at Louisa County High School all try their best to assure the students are having a good and safe time while also getting the appropriate education. However, some of the rules at the high school prevent students from truly being themselves and growing up.
Louisa County has recently rebuilt three of its schools after the earthquake in 2012. The school system is great, and supports all of its sports teams. The schools have great admin teams and great teachers.
The school managed to help balance my schedule to contain both college courses and governor's school courses. The staff is effective and friendly, which helped for when I fell sick. The teachers are nice and knowledgeable and will work with struggling students. Overall, the school provides many Duel Enrollment, Advanced Placement, and Honors courses. Some improvements would be changing pep rallies to optional instead of required and increasing awareness of mental illnesses throughout the school.
It is a very nice learning environment with friendly faces and teachers that are fully committed to helping with any problem whether it's school related or not.
i love going here even though some sports are "more important" than others but the food is really good with a potato bar in the high school and the teachers are amazing with one that gets us college ready though
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Good school with a lot of wonderful teachers, the building is gorgeous and a lot of interesting classes are offered. However, the administration was difficult with some of the clubs, and there IS the whole issue of one of the members of the administration having an affair with a secretary and then not getting fired for it...
Louisa County High School is an amazing place to learn. The teachers and administrators are always at school encouraging us to do our best. They all want the best for us. They also support all the students in the extracurricular activities that we all do.
A wonderful system under new leadership that is moving to the top. Louisa has the most dedicated staff I've ever witnessed and I look forward to the great things in this systems future.
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