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I attended John Champe High School, in Loudoun County Public Schools. I was there for my first two years of high school. The teachers were amazing, they would stop at nothing to help you achieve your biggest goals. While I was there I made the junior varsity cheerleading team for football and basketball.
Loudoun County Public Schools provide students with competitive curriculums and skilled teachers. I have learned a lot over my 12 years in school not only in academics, but in social interactions and excellent character traits. The only thing I would change about LCPS is to encourage the students to prioritize learning over just getting good grades.
Attending Loudoun County Public Schools has been a great experience for me. We have a lot of schools and even new one coming in the future! Our county is developing very quickly. Most of my teachers have been great and helped me learn the best way for me. I went to Ashburn Elementary School, Farmwell Station Middle School, and then Broad Run High School. In the involvement with sports is amazing and we have a lot of school spirit.
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The curriculum at Loudoun County Public Schools is very strong. The diversity could be improved both among faculty and students in some schools in the county.
Loudoun County provides students with access to many educational materials- like chromebooks. However, I would like to see students having more of a voice in the school district.
I am currently a senior at John Champe and I have been attending for about two year. It is a pretty good school academic wise and it is very diverse.
I am personally so blessed to have gotten the opportunity to grow up in Loudoun County one of the best counties in the nation. I loved how involved the whole county got when it came to sporting events, and how we were a close community of people always willing to help others. However, I would change the fact that there are standardized testings which no one likes, and they are just unnecessary stress no one cares about after high school.
The administration is the only part of the district that I would describe as outright bad. Uninvolved and focused on issues that don't matter while ignoring the real problems or doing a poor job of addressing them.
I like loudoun county, the schooling is very good. It is clean and most all teachers are very well educated. The dress code is not that bad, some adults are stricter than others, there tutoring program is great as well. The only problem is kids with special need more severe than aspergers and down syndrome can not get what they need. They teaching is not great, there has been a sub for more than 2 weeks.
I believe that lotta County public schools creates a safe learning environment for students to feel comfortable enough to express themselves in every possible way, as well as broaden their intellect on a personal basis. teachers provide one on one discussions regularly and assist students whenever they are in need, with little to no bias. They are responsible and caring enough to keep time away from their personal lives in order to help students. Loudoun county public schools make sure that no student falls behind, and that everyone is accounted for their accomplishments, integrity, and hard work.
This school district is very good. The head of the school district could be better. He is not as good as the one that was in when I was a student.
I like the diversity that LCPS school system provides. It could do with better science resources for high schools.
There is great communication between the schools and parents. The teachers are very responsive and are really Interest in my children and so are the guidance councelers. They offer good resources and this year gave all the children a tough book to use and take home. If there is no internet at home they give those children internet access. All kids have an opportunity to start a club and be a leader. The motivation for this is great since they are encouraged to be leaders in something that inspires them. There are so many opportunities to grow in different direction. My children enjoy going to school. The meals served in the school cafeteria are too small and my children are not a fan of the food. Packing lunch solves this issue.
They push students through the system. That being said, they do a good job of hiring decent teachers.
Too many toxic school cultures in this county. Not enough respect or support for teachers from administration or from central office. Special Education in particular is woefully under funded and under staffed.
I enjoyed LCPS, because the area was very education-focused, very safe, and full of well-kept communities.
I have been in Loudoun county schools for all 3 years of high school. The schools are overall excellent. I have made many amazing friends and everyone is genuinely nice at Dominion High School. The clubs are amazing and one of best things about the school.
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I had an amazing experience with LCPS. I have been attending Loudoun County since second grade and I graduated high school in 2017. The teachers were amazing and always worked hard to help you succeed. The only thing I wish they could have improved in was the math department. Loudoun County Public Schools struggled finding teachers that were able to teach higher math levels. Other than academics, loudoun county public schools offered an extensive amount of clubs and activities that fit everyone's needs. If an activity was not offered, the school would allow you to find a staff member to sponsor it. During all of my years in the loudoun county school system, I never felt threatened or unsafe. The administration at Francis Hazel Reid, Harper Park, and Heritage High School did a fantastic job ensuring that all of the students were always take and took many precautions when it came to safety. From a college perspective, I felt very prepared leaving Heritage High School.
Loudoun County has an overall fantastic school system. With a few exceptions, I found the quality of my education to be rigorous and satisfactory.
I would like to see more classes made for students that their level or intelligence is in the middle. I personally think Honers classes are too hard for me and that Academic Classes are too easy for me so I would like to have a class in the middle. Kids like me could strive better in middle classes. I would also have better suicide prevention programs and the only way for kids to pay attention is to have a actual student share their experiences with suicide and mental health issues
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