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Loudon County School District Reviews

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The teachers and the other students at my high school are incredibly supportive, and they are willing to do everything they can to help you accomplish what you are capable of. Everyone is so caring, and helpful!
Loudon County is an amazing school system with caring teachers and administrators. They teach us what we need to know to be successful throughout my life.
I went through all Loudon schools, Loudon Elementary, Middle, and High school but I never felt prepared for college.
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I like then environment of Loudon Schools. It is a very friendly community. the community itself is very involved with the schools and especially the sports. The teachers are great. They prepare you for college and help you out along the way. One thing id like to see change would be the food. It is not really that good.
I've been a student in loudoun county for about 4 years now, i'll be graduating in June. I have to say that the school district is amazing! The teachers chosen to work at the schools are intelligent and care for the students. For the most part the school's are very festive and have great athletic/theatric programs. If I could change one thing, i would make the school's serve better food. Seriously it taste mediocre at best.
Loudon County (Greenback School) is the best of the best. Not only do you reveive a top notch education, you also receive a wonderful non threatening safe environment that leaves you with a feeling of success. This type of education is received because the Director of Schools, teachers, and staff truly love their students.
The past 4 years of high school have gone well, with the exception of a few instances of bad behavior.
I love Loudon County schools! I have had such a great experience, and no trouble with this district.
The teachers are all excellent. They are willing to help you and are great advisors. They want the best for the students.
Loudon County School District has been a less than average school experience. There are a lot of issues revolving around race, and bullying. Teachers are rude in high school and do not do much to help students. They seem to not know what they are doing and students end up having to teach themselves. Terrible staff, especially front desk managers.
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