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Los Gatos-Saratoga Joint Union High School District Reviews

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Competitive but focus. Staff are willing to push the limit if students are up to it. Most students are quite well rounded. Can be a struggle for the acedimically challenged. Atmosphere is friendly. Lots of opportunities to explore. Safe and supportive environment .
Overall LG is a great school, with great school spirit and a spacious, almost college like campus. All the students and faculty are friendly and nice. The Cafeteria is aight but since it's open campus during lunch, you can walk downtown (5-10 min walk) and get food from many restaurants and cafes.
I went to Los Gatos High. I played sports, so it was easy to find a friend group. The people are pretty nice, and of course there are some amazing teachers and some not so good. But overall its a great school.
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It was a good school. Would have liked more computer and engineering classes. Also more music clubs.
I was very lucky to grow up in the Bay Area and attend a National Ranked school. The school does not have strong resources to help struggling students. Those who do well here are smart kids that can do well anywhere. I think LGHS should invest in free tutoring services and take into student feedback. Los Gatos taught me how to advocate for myself.
The Los Gatos-Saratoga Joint Union High School District has very high academics and college preparedness. However, the environment is very competitive and not very well rounded with focus on things other than academics.
The education and resources were outstanding for a public school, however the diversity of clubs and student interests definitely were lacking, for the concentration was mostly on sports, rather than music, art, or professional clubs.
The district gives you a choice between Saratoga and Los Gatos high school. Saratoga is definitely the more competitive one, with teachers that are willing to push students to study more than they would and participate in class. Saratoga has some 11 people that qualify for USAMO, or United States of America Math Olympiad. It is also strong in the sciences. Saratoga High School's music program is also well-funded by the district, with a brand-new music building as of 2017 and one of the top-ranking bands in the region. Los Gatos High offers a more relaxed environment with a larger drama and sports program. Both schools are located in a safe area with a relatively large campus for its student body.
I love the fact that there's so much funding for all sorts of extracurriculars. The support network is extremely strong and I loved being a part of the district.
This was a great school district to attend high school and grow up in. There was a great blend of top tier academics and a wide variety of extracurricular activities to partake in.
I love my high school. I have made friends, joined clubs, and I am play in the school's badminton team.
Attending Los Gatos High School was one of my best experiences of my entire life. I had a lot of support from every parent, teacher and almost every student. Playing sports was a lot of fun and i could not ask for better coaches. It is a great place to attend high school and I would love to teach there when I am older and have my bachelor degree in history. It is a great community and the High school is held to a high standard by all the town folk. It is a place that I can call home.
This school district always puts the needs of students first and strives for excellence. Teachers are supportive, and athletic teams constantly win CCS championship titles. School spirt is obvious and rallies, lip dub, and spirit weeks are the most fun of all!
Great teachers and staff. Sadly student population could benefit from what bullying is and embracing all, not just a select few. I know this should start at home, but too many homes are missing what exclusiveness, judgement, and gossip can do to the victim.
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