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Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District Reviews

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What I love about Los Fresnos is how involved they are in the students' education and personal well being. They do everything possible to ensure that each student has equal opportunities and extra help when they need it. The college courses they offer prepare students for the future by allowing them to save money on classes they would have to pay for in college.
There are many activities to choose from! cafeteria food can be slightly better but its decent, sometimes cold. Administration takes away earphones when we aren't doing anything wrong when walking in the hallway. The school does their very best prepare us for college and I am pretty excited to start college myself!
This school has the best academic readiness classes, the staff prepares the students for college and do more than they need to. The students are always their first priority. Their strict rules prepare students to be prepared for the real life interaction outside of high school.
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Los Fresnos CISD is one of the best school distracts in Texas. The principals and administration are the most polite people.
LFCISD is a very good district to be in. Here, everyone knows everyone. The schools are strict but it makes the students learn right from wrong. Our test scores are always above average which is amazing for us. It’s a great place to be!
I've liked the opportunities Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District offered me as a student. With challenging classes such as CTE courses and Dual Enrollment classes, I feel better prepared for college than I ever have. What I think can change about Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District is the career courses they offer since they offer a majority of challenging classes only for specific majors and not others.
Los Fresnos Consolidated Independent School District is college ready, Los Fresnos prepares us for college. This high school has a college center for students to apply to colleges they want to go to.
Los fresnos is a small the school isn't over the top but there are great teachers who have worked hard and so much school pride.
I liked how hands on the College Program was. I hope the food and some rules change like dress code.
Graduated High School here. Safe school to put my future kids into. Staff is friendly and close to one another.
This school changed my way of thinking ,I love this school .they help u prepare for the future and focus on a path
I greatly appreciate how much our district prepares us for our future jobs, and education. They push us to be college ready by offering AP classes along with Dual classes which are to prepare us for college education. The teachers and faculty educate us as well on what we need to learn for our college education as well as helping us get into the college of our dreams. The only thing that I would want to see in years to come would be more certification opportunities that will help us with our future education and careers.
The endorsements and pathways are designed to ensure that we are better
prepared for college and the workforce. In designing courses and curriculum
to better suit our career interests, LFCISD helps us graduate with a plan.
Students are provided with a plethora of opportunities to get involved. Aside from possessing a strong academic transcript, involvement in extra-curricular activities is also important when applying to college and securing a job.
The Los Fresnos School District is college ready. They offer resources such as AP and Dual enrollment courses to give you a jump start on your education. Teachers are interactive and always ready to help from k-12.
Los Fresnos Consolidated School District is, in my opinion, the best public school in the valley. The teachers are determined to help you exceed and will do their best to help one prepare for college. The district offers many programs to help one get closer to reaching their desired profession from programs in the medical field, criminal justice, or music Los Fresnos will help the students reach their dreams. The district is actually the only public school district in the valley beside STISD to earn a college readiness recognition by the state.
There has been precious instances where they do not tell students what is going on. I hope that they take in account that students have the right to know what is going on in their school.
What I love about LFCISD is the school pride all the students have. We are all so proud to be a part of the falcon family. This includes graduates, enrolled students, teachers and administrators. We are truly one big family.
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When I was a student at this district it was very strict and all the staff was hard on us. I didn’t understand the need for all the pressure on the students but now that I have graduated, I reflect on how good they adapted us to hard work. Los Fresnos CISD has taught me responsibility,respect and self motivation and I am thankful for everyone that has done a part to shape the person I am today.
At Los Fresnos High school they planted an educational seed in me and helped me in every way possible to register for college. The teachers at Los Fresnos High School are full of knowledge and provide students with everything they know and help students gather information with financial need. Overall the school is a great environment for students to get an education and make friends.
Recently moved to Los Fresnos High and i’m very proud to say I truly like the school! I even got to join the UIL journalism team, and i’ve been placing well with the help of my amazing coach!
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