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I attended all my school years in the los ángeles school district and I did very well. They met every criteria in order to get me ready for college. The only thing I would change would be some of the requirements in order to graduate high school. They made us do a letter to the government in order to actually meet one of the requirements. I honestly don’t think that shouldn’t be on the requirement lest
LAUSD has much room for growth, especially in terms of it's treatment of teachers. Furthermore, the school lunches can barely be considered lunches; healthy alternatives are needed.
There are many great schools in the LAUSD area; however, there are more bad schools than good. You would expect for the Los Angeles District to have outstanding schools but really there isn't much out there.
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Overall a very good district. However, the district needs to have more hands on courses. For example, wood shop to educate us, students, on how to build things and cooking class with actual equipment in order to teach students the simple skills on how to cook for themselves. Furthermore, I think the school district should start a stress free day where students get one period off every two weeks so that they can learn to manage stress.
What I don't like about LAUSD is that teachers are underpaid and thier isn't a nurse on my campus everyday, but I will say LAUSD is doing a good job on the A-G requirements and the amount of classes they offer.
I enjoy that teachers enjoy their job and actually look forward to see their students succeed. I would like to see more activity in school such as spirit.
Well overall they try to give students a great academic experience. However occasionally they lack in other departments such as extra curricular activities and Copley ready program's. One other concern is the fact that every now amd again there is a problrm with staffing. In other words there will a substitute that takes the place of a real teacher for the while semester/school uear
It’s very diverse. The staff and teachers always make sure that you get the quality education that you deserve. They want to see you at your best and help you if you’re not. The school police is excellent and are quick to respond to any emergency if needed.
I enjoyed the overall diversity and different cultures displayed at the Los Angeles District. However there is a lack of parent and student involvement to really push a student to college/ their passions. I Felt that the only way a student was motivated to enter college and succeed was completely up to the student and his or hers will to follow this path.
I've been in Los Angeles Unified School District since elementary school and it continues to grow and get better. There's a lot of diversity among the schools and lots of opportunities to explore different career styles. We have a lot of options for clubs and sports and ways to express our creativity. I personally really admire how much they try to include everyone in their system, I know that my school has meatless Mondays for vegetarians during lunch which I think is great. Academically the Los Angeles Unified School District provide lots of chances for tutoring and opportunities to take above average classes.
I belong to a charter school through the Los Angeles Unified School District. Community Collaborative CHarter - Sage Oak has been an awesome experience. Not only was I able to recieve duel credit for high school classes taken at the community college, I was able to have the flexablity to cheer competitively.
From Pre-kinder to fifth grade I went to a school that was L.A.U.S.D. Those years were the best because the schools always had the resources ready for its students. The teacher began to teach us about college and from that point I started to think about what I wanted to do in life and what college I wanted to study that in. LAUSD has opened my eyes ever since I was a kid and I would like to thank them for that. This is why I believe I am going to be a successful person, since I've been doing all this planning. Once, I am successful I plan to do community events and donate to local schools to make sure that the students have the resources
My experience with Lausd has been very wonderful and I am very great full hat I attended this school district. It is very diverse in my opinion it is open to everyone no matter race,color, or religion. There is also a lot of opportunity for anyone to play sports.
The teachers are good and they truly try their best to keep the students safe, especially at my school. But, the students can be quite violent regardless. I hear a lot of commentary that should not be mentioned in any school. My counselor, teachers, college counselor, and other people that work there are very efficient and they get their work done. My math teacher is absolutely amazing, I have learnt so much from her. My counselor is also so sweet and she is always there to support me or guide me when it's needed.
In regards with my experience in an LA charter school, the tight-knit community provided by a small student-to-teacher ratio allows the faculty to better understand to the hardships and difficulties we students may be facing, while providing an effective education. The only problems I have with this school are small but noticeable. The lack of funding means that we are financially tangled and therefor lack access to amenities other schools may have such as a dedicated gym and other sports facilities.
One thing that stuck with me about the LAUSD is the food that they provide to the schools, it’s awful. Their procedures seem to be alright. Teachers don’t talk great things about the district because they were trying to take medical benefits away from teachers and I believe that however they choose to pay their workers should be a respectable amount.
I loved my time at LAUSD. There are so many good people involved, from students, to teachers, to administrators, LAUSD is just the place to be.
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As an alumni, I bared witness to terrible food and the lack of student involvement. The academic portion was of great guidance given that the student sought the extra assistance; all teachers, resources, and sports included. Over all experience was that of what any average high school is suppose to be like.
I like the opportunities we get especially since my school has a magnet program. We have a better chance at a better education.
LAUSD is a huge school district that serves thousands of kids yearly. It is easy to get lost in the mix, but I was fortunate enough to have caring teachers who looked out for me.
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