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Based on my experience with LAUSD, I went through many caring teachers who saw potential in me and were willing to work with me to become the best student I can be. They’re very great with informing students and parents with useful information, whether it’s notifying through emails, phone calls, school flyers, or mails. One change in LAUSD could be the use of what the money goes toward, as they can sometimes spend money on items that aren’t necessarily needed as much. The passing grading scale should change back to “a C or better” instead of “a D or better” because I feel as if it’s setting students up for failure because most good colleges don’t find D’s pleasant. The curriculum should also contribute to our understanding of problems on the SAT and the ACT as many of the problems on those tests are rarely seen in classrooms.
LAUSD teacher don't exactly care about what the student do. There's some teachers who say to your face that they're just there for the paycheck. So, as a former student of LAUSD, I think that all students would like to see a teacher that actually cares for the students. Some teachers try to sabotages the athletes by telling their coaches lies about the player, which I don't think is right.
I love this district because they have so much to offer.i think they could fix they rate of delinquent students to less.
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The thing I like most about the Los Angeles School District, is that in areas where parents and students are struggling financially, the district offers them with relief such as reduced lunch for students, after school activities or clubs, as well as providing medical examinations in schools and referring students to health facilities. The school district also does a great job in facilitating and arranging a student's transportational needs based off of their financial status and need for transportational resources. Furthermore, LAUSD is exceptional when it comes to diversity. Not only the staff, but the students encounter a diverse environment, which teaches them how to be sympathetic and respectful to individuals unlike themselves. Ultimately, the district really goes over and beyond to maintain the diversity in schools and to ensure the safety and freedom of every single individual, without regarding their financial status, race, or personal preferences.
It takes a long time to send things through mail for LAUSD. My teacher ordered to fix her window a year ago and the school said they were going to send someone from the district to fix it and they never sent anyone.
My experience in LAUSD schools has been good but not great. There is never enough funding for our sports and our lunch is pretty bad. Not many students eat which affects our focus and even our health.
I believe that Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North America should continue to go on because it gives all students the opportunity to be what they want to be in life. It gives you many chances to join a program of many kinds that'll help you move forward with your career. Its allowed me to go to Washington D.C for the protection of water. That trip was an eye opening experience because it showed me that i'm not alone in many other thing that I would think i'm alone at. Anahuacalmecac International University Preparatory of North America doesn't just teach me academic lessons but it also teaches me life lessons.
Lausd is a good district. It still has stuff to work on like having nicer staff at the schools. The clubs are alright and the sports are pretty good as well. The thing i'd change is the uniform. I'd rather we have no uniform because it feels uncomfortable and students should be able to wear whatever they want. School uniform is my main concern about Lausd. Lausd is a good district. It still has stuff to work on like having nicer staff at the schools. The clubs are alright and the sports are pretty good as well. The thing i'd change is the uniform. I'd rather we have no uniform because it feels uncomfortable and students should be able to wear whatever they want. School uniform is my main concern about Lausd.
As a Senior in Ramon C. Cortines VAPA, I can accurately state that this particular school district does a good job at making sure their students receive the proper education in order to succeed in life. I have been able to enroll myself in various Advanced Placement courses such as AP Spanish and AP Psychology. The teachers are always pushing you to become an exceeding student. They inspire me to learn more about my world. Which lead to another great adventure in my life. I was able to travel abroad to Thailand for a month this past Summer. All because my highschool had the resources and connections. I also joined various clubs such as debate club, engineering, Red Cross, etc. There is about 100 clubs in my school. There is never an excuse to not join a club. I will always remember my relationships with the school staff. They are kind people who only want the best for you. I most certainly feel safe on my campus. I know I can count on them for my safety.
In elementary school everything was amazing; the teachers were kind and there was always lunch ready for all of the students. Middle school was also pleasant. The teachers seemed to like their job and care about the students and the lunch and breakfast that was provided was very beneficial.
My overall experience with Lausd has been a journey. A good and bad. Although, they do need more parent involvement because It does help the school and parents.
Something I enjoy about LAUSD are the teachers. I have grown a bond with most of the teachers I've had and currently have. I would LAUSD to change the cafeteria food.
The Los Angles Unified School District has positive and negative aspects. During my time in the LAUSD I have encountered many challenges. Although teachers try their best to help they often fail because they have to follow strict district guidelines. This causes them to move too quickly and children are left confused. They move onto the next topic before the children learn the last one. The quizzes and tests also make up the majority of your grade. Students get away with cheating on the quizzes and skipping the homework which results in a passing grade. This is frustrating for the students who put in the effort to attend tutoring and ask questions but because of speed, still, end up with C's or D's. Although the system may look good on paper it just simply does not work in the classroom. They are setting the students up for failure because the children are so mind-numbingly bored and confused they start to give up.
The school wasn't terrible. Everything was either average or good. The teachers were funny and kept the learning entertaining. They are open to the LGBT+ community. The only thing I didn't like about the school was the food. It doesn't taste like anything.
my overall experience for lausd was amazing but i had to give them an average rating because i wish they had made studies for the real world.
LAUSD encompasses an enormous amount of schools being the second-largest public school system in the United States. With that being said, it makes sense that some categories fall through the cracks. One such issue, and the most pressing, in my opinion, is the academics. While the teachers may try their best to educate students, the bar is so low that high school seniors are still learning basic sentence syntax. This is troubling because college is only one year away and essays are still subpar.
I'd say that my school district is definitely able to help students get an education, and prepare them for their adult life. In my high school experience, I've seen plenty of kids get into very prestigious colleges, but sometimes I do feel that--at my high school at least-- there is too much focus on getting into college, and less about turning the students into good people prepared for everything in the world. I believe this is a district wide conundrum, for just about everywhere these days there are kids trying to get into college, so it makes sense that LAUSD would be no different. My experience with LAUSD has been positive up until recently, because at this exact moment in time, the teacher's union is thinking very seriously about striking, and the district seems to be unable or unwilling to meet their demands. This strikes me as a bad sign for the district, because if it can't keep it's employees well taken care of, do I want to trust it with my education?
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LAUSD from my experience has been really great, because it is public education everyone has a chance at going to school and getting the resources needed. I've been attending schools within LAUSD since elementary and i believe I'm prepared enough to go through to college and take on the challenges!
My experience with the Los Angeles Unified School District is a good one. I would not change anything, the way they are handling things right now is much better and I would wish for them to keep growing and be the number #1 district. The LAUSD provides a lot of students help and aids them with the support given to the school. But, I believe that the LAUSD should be a little more open about letting teachers work with the District to prevent confusion when managing the schools and their teaching staff because there are some teachers who end up not fit for the job and students begin to go into a more negative direction.
I enjoy the diversity of the people at school, and the resources that we have. The food I appreciate but sometimes it could be expired, and I've seen kids get sick, only rarely. LAUSD should also not take the plan of renovating the public schools into charters.
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