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I enjoyed the high level course that were offered at the high school, as well as the school's partnership with UNMLA which made it possible to take college classes while I was still in high school. Everyone who is at the school really wants to do well and that's something that I really appreciated while in class. Within the town there is a very high sense of school spirit as well as a sense of pride among the parents for their students.
I loved Los Alamos High School. It provided me with a safe learning environment, and all the resources needed to have a successful high school to college transition. It has a place of belonging for all kinds of people with its diversity in clubs, sports, and other activities. The staff and faculty pushes the students to do the best they can, while making sure that their physical and emotional needs are met first.
Los Alamos has teachers that want the students to succeed. Los Alamos has many reasources for student success from Saturday school to after school academic time.
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I started attendance at Los Alamos High School in 2016, the start of my Sophomore year. At first, I was really nervous and scared that I would not be smart enough or that I would not fit in but I was wrong. I was smart enough and despite the stereotypes people had about kids in Los Alamos compared to those from the surrounding communities, I fit in. People are welcoming and friendly. The teachers are great and work really hard to make sure you understand what they are teaching.
They were very focused on making sure that I received the appropriate education that will help me in the future. I have always felt prepared and ready for the next year of school. It's been helpful also to help my whole family and make sure that each child is cared for and helpful.
Los Alamos Pubic Schools are very challenging and college preparing. There is an immense pressure put on the students because the Los Alamos High School is ranked top five in the nation for several years. This pressure either makes or brakes a student. Some find this pressure unbearable and others think it offers encouragement. I loved my experience in LAPS. It is a place I want my kids growing up.
Los Alamos public schools have highly qualified teachers, and a strong community that is dedicated to education. The only down fall about these schools is that with the high academic pressure there not a lot of flexibility and accommodation for non-tradition students.
I was born and raised in Los Alamos county, so I have experienced the elementary school system, middle school system, high school system and currently the college system. Overall, I believe Los Alamos to be one of the top academics in the state. We excel in Science, Mathematics, English, and Technology, however, we lack in the Arts and Athletics. I think the arts and athletics are just as important as the STEM courses because the education system is meant to prepare the people of the future for everything that life throws at them. So when there are students who are interested in the STEM courses, there are also students who are interested in the Arts and Athletics, so it only makes sense to balance all the fields equally. Perhaps there could be more funds and attention brought to the lacking fields, but overall, I respect the Los Alamos Public Schools for creating such a safe and creative learning environment for the kids of the future, including myself.
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