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Los Alamitos Unified School District Reviews

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Great school which has helped me learn and get into college. This school has given me great opportunities to get into the college I have wanted to go to. The teachers are personable and help you learn even when you do not get it. They will help you after class or before school trying to help you succeed. Great school overall.
Administration is nice, there's a lot of school spirit and ASB is always present. The focus is mostly on sports and choir, but the music department is pretty good as well. Teachers are very helpful.
I’m currently a Senior graduating in 2019, I have been in the Los Al district since kindergarten. I have really enjoyed my years going through this school district. My kindergarten principal is actually now my high school principal. I’m a Varsity Cheerleader and have been involved with the Cheer and Song program since 9th grade. Los Al school district has great teachers and administrative personnel.
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The school provides many services in and out of the classroom and offers a variety of extra circulars that make every student feel involved in the school. Teachers go above and beyond to provide assistance to students and help them excel. Overall it is a very nice place to meet new friends an make memories.
The teachers in the Los Alamitos School District are amazing. They are all dedicated to improving their students' learning environment. Through hard work, constant improvement, and a love of the student body, guiding students is what the staff strive for.
I have been in this district since kindergarten and haven't had many problems. It is easy to make friends and most people are friendly. The high school is big, so you meet a lot of new people.
We love Los Alamitos unified. We have 4 kids who have all gone to school in the district and they truely prepare them for there future.
Los Alamitos Unified School district is a melting pot of so many cultures and so many different people. It never fails to accept you for who are all while pushing you to the best of your abilities. In high school especially, the LAUSD ignites unlimited possibilities whilst preparing you for your future in a way that suites you the best.
I enjoyed my time in the Los Alamitos School District. I feel as though it truly prepared me for my next steps that I will take in college. One thing that I would change would be to start language classes earlier on in the academic career.
They provide an amazing variety of curriculum choices for academics (math, science, technical, foreign language), as well as the arts (choir, music, drama, dance, visual arts) and sports.
Los Alamitos High School is a challenging diversified campus. With its impressive staff the school offers its students a great learning environment. Its arts and athletics programs are very known throughout California and students at this school feel proud to be a part of this. As a junior at this school, I am confident I am getting a top notch education which is preparing me for college.
Los Alamitos High School goes above and beyond to give their students the best possible public education. Not only are we equipped with very excellent resources, from amazing teachers to top-notch technology, but the staff also pushes the students to branch out into many clubs and activities and does not highlight just one aspect of high school. Everyone at Los Al has a place and I’m so blessed to have been guided through life with ease here.
It was great, fun, great learning, played football, ran track and had great teachers and coaches, helped with college prep and planning
The school district is entirely obsessed with turning a profit, rather than the best interests of students. Screams of nepotism as well.
It is a very friendly communit, the school safety is amazing, and they insure that students have the best experience.
Though my experiences have mostly been positive, several have not been. For one, there is a HUGE segregation between the “honors” kids and the “regular” kids. The “honors” kids, at least the upper classmen, are always motivated, and competitive, and usually stressed while the “regular” kids are generally lax, and don’t do homework, and more likely to party. There are obvious exceptions to this, but this seems to be how it works. As for the teachers, many of them are really kind, passionate, and are grateful to be teaching at Los Al, but at the same time, if a class does poorly they tend to blame the class instead of finding a flaw in their teaching. Sports are exceptionally competitive, but once you’ve made the team, everyone becomes a family. Like teachers, coaches believe their methods are divine and any failure is the students’ fault. Administration is very slow and inconsistent when you need help.
The Los Alamitos School District is very excellent and has been a great place to grow up. I transferred during middle school and the move was difficult because I found myself behind compared to others who started their education in the district earlier. The school atmosphere is very accepting and students are taught acceptance which makes the environment feel safe for all. The teachers are wise and I’ve learned more than just academic lessons from them. The arts are highly supported and sports are a big contribution to the school culture. I’m very glad to have transferred into the district and highly recommend.
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I love my high school. FIlled with amazing teachers, great oppurtunities, and lovely people thee's never a bad day here! So many things happening a student here can never be bored! And don't worry about fitting in because there are all times of social groups here cliches and new ones, too! I've never seen bullying here, and this is an enviroment where if you give a smile you get a smile! Come to LosAl all are welcome!
LAUSD was a great school district to grow up in. Most teachers from Elementary through High School were very well informed and did a great job at teaching and being a part of our school's culture. The schools and facilities were very nice. My parents worked so a lot of the time I would spend my time in the after-school programs. The staff there were always amicable and warm and knew what they were doing and it made school fun. Going through school, I thought my education was okay, but once I got into college and other places outside of my district I realized how lucky I was to go where I did. The teachers prepared us well and held us to a standard of learning that other schools might not be able to do. The resources and fundings are what allows that to happen. It is in a predominantly white area and some activities are held to a higher importance than others, but it is still an amazing, award-winning school district and any student that applies themselves will succeed.
It stresses the importance of academics and arts, leading to well educated and well rounded students.
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