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I like the small town atmosphere and community feel, but it is very political and everything you get is based on who you know when it comes to sports or awards.
I am now a senior at Lorena High school! I came in the 5th grade and have had a great experience all the way through high school. The teaching is great and really prepares you for future grades and college.
It is rare to find a teacher on campus that does not care deeply about their job in one way or another. Almost all of them are passionate about the subjects they teach and go out of their way to make sure students thrive. However, I have noticed many situations in which GPA and overall grades are valued over the mental health of the student body. Campus is always clean. The food in the cafeteria is mediocre and lacks much variety. The dress code is not always fairly upheld. Overall, my experience at Lorena has been fairly good.
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It is a safe community and a very nice school district. The staff is very caring to you and always care. They make sure you are getting your education and being above and beyond! The food is good and does not taste like the "school food" everyone says on the internet or movies. It is a nice community with helping parents and nice friendships!
The culture is very good, however most of the teachers don't care about the students or where they are going.
The Lorena High School has very welcoming teachers and an overall pleasant experience. However, I would like to note the lack of diversity when it comes to teachers and the overwhelming amount of stress that being an AP student in this district entails. The experience here has been nice, but I would like to see certain principles changed I'm the future.
Lorena is a competitive school district academically, that has great teachers and amazing programs. Lorena has a big emphasis on sports and their athletes. They have two gyms and a lot of the teachers are also coaches. The classes are 20 students, which creates an intimate and personal learning experience. The teachers are very involved and hands-on with the students. Lorena is very old-fashioned in their values and rules. The dress code is very strict and sets high standards for girls and boys.Most of the teachers form bonds with students that even exceed the four years of high school. A lot of students return from college to sit in on classes or eat lunch with their favorite teachers. Lorena has also created a generational community, many of the teachers attended Lorena, as well as many parents and grandparents.
Everyone works their best to ensure that you or your child will succeed and be able to make it in the world we are thrown into.
When I started school I knew something was different, I couldn't fit in with my peers and whenever I said anything it was often made fun of or there would be dead silence. This is when I was diagnosed with autism and a severe speech impediment that would forever change my life. The next year I transferred to Lorena with no friends and was the "new kid.'' My parents put me in a speech class and my speech teacher helped me every day and even gave me reading exercises at home. I remember practicing every night and her giving her fullest to help me. Her class was very hard but fast forward several years I could speak perfectly and had made many new friends and I loved my teachers. Every teacher had the students best interest in mind and taught with a passion. The teachers were not only there to teach their subject, they were someone you could go to to talk and trust when you were having a bad day. The only change for Lorena would be paper towels in the restrooms instead of blow dryers.
The thing that I adored the most about Lorena high school was that they are determined to see every kid thrive in their future. Whether it be a private college, community or technical school, moving straight forward to a job. Perseverance is a major key in Lorena High School.
Lorena is easily the best school in McLennan County. The facilities are very nice for a high school of its size, and all campuses are clean and well cared for. The district continually ranks very high on standardized tests, and I feel that I was well prepared to face college life and the real world post-graduation.
Lorena is a solid school that is extremely safe. The administration isn’t the best, but clearly has good intentions for the students. Teachers are hit or miss, but it’s definitely better than most surrounding schools
I have attended the Lorena Independent School district all of my school years. I have never had one problem with any of their rules or their staff. We are definitely blessed with the most hard-working, caring, and passionate teachers.
I like Lorena as a whole. The staff here try their best to help everyone succeed even if a student does not want to try. The administrators here try their best to help all of the teachers and staff be able to help us succeed. Our academics have been some of the top and everyone here tries our best.
Lorena is good for a small district. It does not, however, have as many options for kids as schools that's are the same size or smaller. It places too much emphasis on sports and snubs other activities.
Having just moved to Lorena ISD it was a big change for me, not only was I returning to a district I wasn't a student in for 8 years it was also a complete change in my life. Throughout all of these challenges the teachers and councilors all were encouraging and helped get everything sorted out efficiently and effectively sorted out schedules and explaining classwork. I would recommend this school to a family considering moving but wanting to stay in a smaller school district.
At Lorena Independent School District so far I have had a great experience from the Primary School, Elementary School, Middle School, and part of High School. I like the fact that this school district has always been very focused on the academics. No one is left behind and no matter what all of the staff are trying to find ways to help us improve with our study habits and grades in general. I would like to have more options for classes. Certain classes that are more geared toward helping with college preparation.
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