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I went to the Lorain city school district from k-12 and now i am currently a freshman at The Ohio state university and i think it can be improved tremendously. The state currently took over because we were a failing school district and i think we were failing because administration was more worried about students passing the state test then actually learning material. I was apart of the CCP program and that was very beneficial and the arts program was also very good but other than that it was horrible.
Lorain City Schools is overall lackluster. Teachers care about student success but some students do not care about academics, thus affecting the scores. The students in specific schools in the district affect the safety rating. However, most schools in the area have teachers that absolutely care about student success. Lorain City Schools shows that one bad apple does not always spoil the bunch.
I'd like the school to focus more on the academic side of things instead of the disciplinary side. I don't think the school contains enough college readiness information at all and I feel the school is unsafe at times due to all the fighting and overcrowding.
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I had some amazing teachers throughout my time in Lorain City Schools. There were some things that administration people were more concerned about, like dress code and state test scores, when they should have been more worried about the actual education students were receiving. Overall though I had an diverse and educational experience growing up in Lorain City Schools.
I loved it, great diversity! It's a poorer town, but there is a lot of pride in the city, and no one is looked differently at because of skin color. We are all titans.
Lorain City Schools has an excellent faculty and a vast student body. The elementary students are exposed to reading materials that prepare them for the rigor they will experience in the near to distant future. The middle school teachers are very hands on, prepping the students for the independence and study skills that are needed to excel at the high school level.
I got bullied a lot in Lorain City Schools. The teachers didn't do anything about it. I think the schools are average or even below.
School is a place that should not be all about fun. I feel the teachers are more interested in flirting with the students than making sure the students are furthering their education. I feel there has been a loss of caring that has damaged the school system, and everyone including the students are just looking for a paycheck. but what can I say its a school and some children are not even fortunate to have that.
Lorain City Schools always encourages others to do get a higher education. Although I would love to see the academic level of Lorain City Schools, the teachers truly care about your education. In a city of poverty the teachers know how important it is to give the students a sense of what is it like after high school and gives the students advice to achieve their goals. Even as early as forth grade I remember my teachers telling me how important it is for me to be get a college degree. Lorain City Schools does everything it can in order to help a student.
My experience at Lorain City Schools did not start out very memorable. All throughout elementary my teachers were great but once I got to middle school there were only a few teachers that I liked and was learning from. After completing, the 6th grade I transferred to a small charter school called Horizon Science Academy. At this school, I stayed for the rest of middle school and half of my high school career. My junior year I transferred back to Lorain City School District. I have now been here for two years, my senior year has been great thus far and I know that it is only going to get better. I am very involved in extracurricular activities, Lorain High offers a number of activities, clubs, and sports for students to join. Along with this, I have made many great connections with my teachers and other faculty members at this school. I have taken college courses throughout my entire high school career and Lorain High offers classes right at the building.
some of the teachers need to be more into there job. other then that the school is great. The students need to show up more and learn to keep going in life.
My experience is a amazing, so many people that are different ethnicity and treat everyone equally. Also what I learned is education that helps you graduate and get to college.
The system is not very organized, it seems as if there is bias in certain programs or some student receives more opportunity because of who they know. Also, there is not much funding to work with then I feel like should be available.
When I went to school in Lorain from 2004-2013 it was a very poor environment. I felt unsafe, uneducated, and underprivileged.
Teachers are really wonderful. They really make you learn the material and prepare you for every new grade level, including college
I would not but my grandkids in another school Hawthorne is one of the best in lorain city school our staff is great they go out of there way for the children and parents when there's a safety concern all the teachers are right there on it they're just some of the best Miss AJ the principal is great she make sure nobody gets bullied if a parent has a problem they can talk to me say j or any of the staff there at all and if you need help getting your child clothes school clothes whatever they're there to help you I would rate Hawthorne Elementary hundred plus in school rating system
I don't regret being apart of Lorain City Schools. It's a great place to build character and develop your own drive to achieve greater things.
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I was born and raised in Lorain. All of my family still resides in Lorain. I have made lots of friends thru my school and thru sports activities. We are located approximately 25 miles from Cleveland and approximately 2 hours away from the busy city of Columbus, Ohio. It is a very diversified city with many cultural and ethic backgrounds. One of the biggest attraction for Lorain, is that we are located on Lake Erie and the Black River and because of that, we have lots of events and celebrations on the water.
I have been in the Lorain City School district my whole life. I do not have any problem with the school district. I just do not think the district is right for me. I do not think I would want my children in the district here either. I do not think it is really the district that has much influence on my opinion, but the city.
It's a very diverse school system. I would like to see a change in the way they handle certain situations.
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