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I found that the school gave me a multitude of chances to push myself in order to see what I am truly capable of
I believe that Longwood is an excellent school with many programs and courses available to students to meet their interests and keep them on course for college
I started in Longwood mid year and ever since that day it’s been amazing. I met a lot of new people and teachers who were very kind to me. Their is an enormous diversity of kids of different ethnic backgrounds and different cultures, and that’s what makes longwood so great... No one is ever left out !!
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Longwood is an extremely diverse school, with a fair amount of students. There’s plenty of resources for if you’re struggling with academics, personal problems at home, and plenty of sports to participate in. There’s a variety of classes students can choose to take.
The best part about Longwood High school is the diverse community. There are so many different people you can’t meet and be friends with. One thing I would change, however, is most definitely the food. It was poor at best. The teachers give good insight and share knowledge with the students and also prove extra help. Clubs are a great part of the school and allow you to do something you are passionate about while meeting others like you.
Longwood is a great school if you are used to a lot of people. It is a big district but it offers so many opportunities. There are so many things that you can do and the teachers are dedicated to helping students do their best.
Longwood provided me with an experience true to reality. Unlike other schools diversity was prominent. As a gay student I was shown more respect than disgust and “ cliquey” groups weren’t a big thing. The cafeteria was average but the teachers make up for it. While some teachers just are flat out bad others can really change your high school experience.
Longwood central school district is a great school to go if you have a great high school experience. There are an ample amount of opportunities to do at this school; From, joining academic clubs, music, theatre, sports and so much more. This school also has a wide range of diversity, so they’ll be plenty of opportunities to make new friends. The teachers and the staff are very nice and will go the extra distance to make sure their students are comfortable. The food in the cafes are very exceptional. So if you’re looking for a good school to go to Longwood is great choice.
I had a love hate/relationship with Longwood. The school district has gotten very involved in the last 5 years with sports. What is terrible is that there is a small group of select students who are above all, in AP or Honor level classes, and the rest are mostly no wears near them because they don't get enough attention as they need compared to others.Besides that Longwood has always been a strong sense of community and has always felt like home to me.
My experience was excellent going through Longwood until high school. I feel the high school could have been more under control.
I liked How involved you can get in your community and all the activities they offer for their students though i wish More students would participate
Longwood is easy to get involved in. Once doing so the doors to opportunities start opening rapidly.
The school has so many programs and options for all students, you have the option to take many AP classes, gain credit for college though programs with different university
Teachers care, great academic programs (lots of AP Courses and technology available). Lots of afterschool clubs and sports. They might but a little too much emphasis on giving funding to sports and not things like Math Club, but what do you really expect?
My experience has been well over all, I have admiration for their large selection of art courses and advanced courses as well. In the past, I've seen nothing but staff members work toward helping students achieve a better understanding with anything they've struggled with, whether is be with lessons, having to do with the particular class that teacher educates or in a general sense, social issues, issues at home, etc. A bond can be formed and a love for learning is highly encouraged. One wish I do have is with the trouble formed from the student population. The fact that the school has difficulty functioning without implementing security guards due to outbreaks of fights, more often than anything else, comes at a disappointment. By the experience any individual student has will rely on them and they're choices. If they choose to disregard the rougher strand of the student population and focus their energy on their educational growth they'll really enjoy themselves like I have.
The school district is diverse. There is no air conditioning which can make it very uncomfortable in the beginning and the end of the school year.
I am from a very diverse high school. I have had the opportunity to meet many different people throughout my years at Longwood. There are so many amazing opportunities that I was able to take. I am graduating with over a year of college credits thanks to Longwood.
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I've been in the Longwood Central School District all my life, and I couldn't be happier. The school puts a lot of effort into teaching the students to be nice to each other, we have a lot of diversity, the amount of clubs is pretty high compared to other schools on Long Island, the academics do in fact stick with us and get us ready for college—it's perfect all around. I wouldn't trade my experience for my life.
i had a wonderful experience at that high school! i think it prepares kids well for the challenges of college. like many students, i didn't believe that the dress code for young women should revolve around male teachers, but rather self confidence and respect. despite the issues i felt with the dress code, i had a great and diverse experience with teachers who genuinely care about your success, happiness, mental health, and safety.
In Longwood High school, the academics are great and the opportunities to thrive in more ways than academic are taken by many students. I've came in contact with many teachers over the years and lot of them were seriously concerned with my college readiness and the furthering of my education. As the overall experience is positive, I must admit that the administration in weak.
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