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I really enjoyed attending schools in the Longview School District from elementary until I graduate. I have created life long relationships with not only students but teachers as well. I couldn't be more happy to have gone to schools in this district. This district has made me ready for the next chapter in my life, college. The rigor at the high school I went to in this district is greatly appreciated and I can say that my teachers talk me great life lessons and how to be a better person.
I did running start and my school made it hard to communicate. Mark Morris was really good preparing me for my future.
Longview public schools, specifically RA Long High school, has been a pleasant experience for the two years that I have attended. With a focus on college after high school, advisors and teachers encourage their students and prepare them for the next step.
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I did not like this district the teachers wouldn't help me they just passed me even in highschool the principle is ignorant and discriminatory towards me because my brother gave him a hard time and he called me a crack head and said if i showed up at the school he was going to call the cops on me for breaking and entering.
Great school district, well disciplined, and amazing teachers who care alot about their students! They always make time and even ask whays bothering them oitside of school. They are all very clean school, which I enjoy going to.
Not supportive of Running Start students. Difficult to balance needs of what Mark Morris expects for graduation when attending the local community college. Communication for non-attending students, but classified as students, is minimal.
My experience with the Longview school district overall is great. Throughout every step through my school career the Longview school district has been nothing but helpful, from finding me tutors to help with my school work.
While growing up in the Longview School District I've never had any problems getting by whether it be academics or personal relationships. The schools I've attended have been all mediocre, nothing more and nothing less. This district I would say in my opinion is possibly slightly below average when it comes to requirements and the teachers. Everybody just kind of gets by with the bare minimum. I've compared my school to others in my college and it seems to me that I went to schools like never push kids to do the best. We don't have enough extracurricular classes to gets kids involved and there's not enough AP classes available or even lower level classes for those who need them. The education is more set up as "one class fits all".
Pros: small town athmosphere lots of activities tight nit community.

Cons: not much diversity teachers are not invested in kids success so they don't make parent involvement a priority.
I had a good experience from Longview, Wa school district. I graduated from the district and I enjoyed my school experice with Longview, Wa.
The Longview school district has helped me immensely with my studies. It has also shown me different ways to be a civic contributor, active learner, and an engaged student within my school, community, and will later help me in my future.
I am currently enrolled in the Longview School District as a senior at Mark Morris High School. I have been in the longview school district my whole educational life and and also enrolled at Lower Columbia College as a Running Start Student. My mother works in the Longview School District as well. Overall a good school district.
My experience in the Longview School District as a student has been rewarding and stressful. One thing that I like about the school district is how hard everyone works together no matter who you are what popcorn you have or what you believe in. One thing I would would like to see change is the amount of class sizes and also the amount of Teachers assistance.
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