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If you are in the right programs, LISD is okay. The IB programme, honestly, is the only part of LISD worth attending on the high school level. Hudson PEP is good too, although the district literally is working against their high standards and test-in status, and the GT program at Foster was good when I was there but small changes they have made to the program have changed it from what I knew and enjoyed. The high school is centered completely around football and band, so if that's your style, cool. If not, you'll be disappointed. Past the high school, the upper administration is deeply entrenched in bureaucracy to the point where it is not conducive to making positive steps toward improving the failing parts of the district. I'm glad I graduated when I did; my family is thinking of transferring my brother to another district when he moves up to middle school.
Longview High School was my home for 4yr’s I had a wonderful time at the school it’s very Diverse and many different cultures. The different programs from IB ,AP and Pre-AP classes you can find one that will fit you . Also dual credit is great but the people that run it need to be better organize . The sports are great here ,there are verity of them.
Sometimes it seems like nobody has a clue. I have asked for my sons GPA many times and nobody has an idea . Could be a better school all together mostly its Texas and the starr test.
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Longview ISD is a culturaly diverse school with lots of different ways to get involved. Ther are many group and clubs to join and sports. Our teachers are mostly alright and try there hardest to help us secceed. Even though our facilities and food aren't the best, the drive and motivation of the teachers,staff,and even students definitley makes up for that!
LIDSD is a very good district to be apart of. The teachers in this district care for you and want to see you succeed. If at anytime you need extra help their doors are always open. LISD is very good on contacting the parents and keeping them formed on how the students are doing, rather its missing class, absent, have a major test coming up, what time school will be released on early release days and so on.
There is not much I would change other then the time we have to get to school and our lunch is to short for anyone to enjoy
I really liked that Longview High School offered the International Baccalaureate program. It has helped me to prepare for college, and I know that I will be able to keep up with my classes and be able to manage time and stress well.
My experience was not so great. I felt that administration at Longview High School could have been better. My years in elementary and middle were fine.
The Teachers at Longview High School Genuinely care for their students. They focus on after high school plans, which is very much needed. Although there could be information put out early for the Upcoming Seniors that would be great.
What I liked about Longview Independent School District(LISD), are the teachers, sport availability, extracurricular activities, prep for college readiness and the diversity of expressing each and every different type of ethnicity at that school. The teachers are generally very friendly and engaging in the subjects I have had the opportunity to participate. They offer Dual-Credit College courses allowing you to gain hours before even entering college. Next, Longview offers a large range of sports high-schoolers can participate in including golf, tennis, swimming, and several others. There is literally multiple options as to what you want to do. Lastly, Longview Independent School District is a very diverse school district, with all kinds of different cultures brought from all over, we have had kids from Cuba, from other states, Oklahoma, Louisiana. Regardless, there are many new possibilities to experience at LISD, that is if you're willing to give it a chance.
My experience at Longview high school was very fun im sad that that it had to come to an end. Everything about this school is great and I also had some really great friends who made it better throughout my four years there. We had some ups and downs as a school but we always managed to get through it and that is what I like about my school. Some things I would like see change about Longview high school is the food our food is not that good and nobody really eats it. Another thing i would like to see change is the bathrooms there they are not that clean and it stinks but if we do those things we will have the perfect school. That is my experience at Longview high school.
I am currently enrolled in Longview High School. When I first moved to Longview Texas I attended Mozelle Johnston Elementary school, currently called Johnston-Mcqueen. From Mozelle I went to Hudson PEP, then to Foster, and finally to Longview High. The teachers have been supportive and motivating throughout my entire educationa career. Administrators are easy, and welcoming to talk to about any problems, and the school offers a multitude of classes and clubs to open students eyes to different experiences, and careers to explore after high school.
Many people in the area complain about the school saying that it is or has issues. My experience has been that there are many opportunities in the school to succeed. LISD tries very hard to be ahead of the trends offering many dual credit and technical skills training at the high school.
The things I like about Longview is that the teachers are there for you no matter what kind of situation it is and will help you get through it. I also love the way they get you ready for college, such as having many meetings about how different college is from high school and how much harder the teachers/ professors will be on you. I love the variety of sports they offer us, and how good the coaches are. Longview High School is very safe and makes sure none of us gets hurt.
Communication and respect between students and teachers definitely needs improvement. While I'm thankful for the education I received there, I feel like several of the teachers detest their careers and their students. I spent my junior and senior year in dual credit, so I was prepared for the university.
Longview High School is one of the best high schools in East Texas when it comes to academics and sports. They have one of the best I.B. schools which is where I attended in my high school days and it prepared for college. I do however wish to see a change in the amount of courses they could offer. They have a great selection but I always wanted a program that would prepare me for the veterinarian field like the program they had for the medical field which is one of their best programs as well as many others that they offer.
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