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Longmeadow is a fantastic school district and a close knit community. Our student regularly achieve at high levels and most are very successful in college. The sports program is excellent and we have a long history of academic and athletic success.
Great schools, good teachers, friendly environment and the administration is very strict and has a zero tolerance policy. I felt Asia I was very prepared for college and made a smooth transition from High School to university. Yes, there is drama that goes on within the student body, but typically not more than you would see in any school system. The food was always average and never really let you completely satisfied. If I could change anything I'd say that they offer more ways for the students to stay active and alert. It felt as though after recess was taken away in middle school, there were very few options for students to have access to fresh air throughout the day.
Overall my experience in the Longmeadow Public School System has been great. The quality of education is amazing and every teacher I’ve had has been awesome. Besides academics, sports and the arts are seen as an important part of the school experience. All of the buildings are well taken care of and a great environment for learning. Although my senior year hasn’t been great so far, I would definitely do it all again, in order to get the awesome experience!
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The new high school is absolutely awful. The floor is uneven which leads to flooding almost every month. The pipes have burst at least 7 times is my 4 years. The floor tiles are Duct Taped down because they're coming up. There's no enough computers for the amount of students they shove in classes (my largest class is 34), so we can't use them. There is no air conditioning, instead they have 'Climate Control' but no one knows how to use it, so they just don't. You'll walk in to a room and it'll be 90 degrees, and go into the hallway and it'll be freezing. The teachers are very hit or miss. Some are very obviously using drugs during class, while others care. The school nurse is rarely there, too, which is dangerous. She only works a few of the school hours, and even then takes a lunch break any time between 11:00 and 1:00, so you never know if you'll be turned away.
The academics are great, but If you are not an athlete and or have artistic talent, you often are forgotten about and placed in the background.
I've had a very good experience, especially in my earlier years as a student diagnosed with ADHD. The elementary and middle school teaching staff are so helpful and supportive to kids who have learning challenges.
Great school system, from the teachers to the administrators - prepares kids well for college! Music department is exceptionally strong - great concerts, fantastic venues. Sports are very competitive as well. Kids achieve great things here in any area of interest. Food is good for the most part. Longmeadow High School has plenty of clubs and activities for all to choose from. Lots of outside educational seminars and cultural exchange venues as well. Elementary and middle schools do well on MCAS testing, and all principals, etc are phenomenal. Leadership at Longmeadow Public Schools is strong, and it filters down well through the school system. Cannot go wrong if interested in moving to Longmeadow to get your kids a top notch education and be ready for the rigors of college.
I really enjoyed the teachers at Longmeadow High School. They were always very helpful with schoolwork and gave you a chance to do well in school. One thing I would change about Longmeadow High School would be to have more bonding in the beginning of high school with my class. In addition, offer more AP courses such as AP psychology.
I really like all of my teachers and I have had a great experience at LHS. I liked my business classes the most and that is why I'm planning to pursue business in college.
Longmeadow is a prestigious school with well-established teachers and facilities and definitely one of the top schools in the nation!
Longmeadow staff provides students with many great opportunities. They also educate them to the best of their abilities so that students can gain a better understanding of the world and are ready to embrace it after high school. As an incoming senior, I feel that I have been challenged throughout my high school career, but have also created lasting relationships with my teachers and administrators.
Longmeadow High is a brand new, state of the art school. It provides great technological resources to the teachers and students. The facility is modern and beautiful. The teachers are great!
I feel Longmeadow High School's academic program prepares you appropriately for college. Although I would like to see more action and better attitude from the administration, it's an overall good school.
I loved going to Longmeadow High School. I was both a student in the old school and in the newly renovated high school. I have make life long friends and I have been given a stellar education.
I've consistently had inspring and great teachers throughout my time in the Longmeadow Public School district. Teachers and administration alike are personable and really get to know each student individually.
teachers think they can be rude to students, some teachers don't work very hard and don't put in grades
I love it here. Most of the people friendly and all of the teachers are character you will remember. The education is great , but tough depending on the course load
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