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When I attended Long County High School I didn't experience any downfall in my education. That Long County High School helped me improve in my academics. The teachers were always involved in my studies of how I was progressing. To see if I need any assistance when learning different material in my classes. Long County High school is a great school that doesn't mind helping anyone.
It was the best four years of my life teachers were awesome and nice and caring they were there we need help took the time for us to understand I am so thankful for long county high school
Being a student at Long County High School, was fun. You had support from the teachers & principals. If you needed help or that extra push, they were there to help you. Everyone treated each other like family. Honestly, every school has its flaws, but me personally speaking at this point I will not like to see much change in this school district.
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We're okay. I think that we need to put money towards our clubs/ music program since they do a lot to more to motivate our school. I also think our school should have more protection since there have been several things in the past that have happened at other schools and ours.
My school wasn’t all that bad. I loved most of my teachers. I received a good education. The food wasn’t great but wasn’t the worst. Most of the students got along for the most part. I really wouldn’t change much. Maybe strive harder to make sure all students needs are met. That is a hard thing to do but would be great!
I have had a great experience at long county schools. The school gave me the opportunity to work and attend college classes early. I would like for the school to give senior's classes on how to pay for college.
I like the teachers and staff at long county. They treat all students with respect and they also offer tutoring programs for those who take longer than others to grasp the concept of some lessons. Although the school is nice I would like to see the track in better shape. The track is made of asphalt and almost all of our athletes develop shin splints including me just by sprinting on the track.
Long County Schools are excellent with students. They always try to help anyone that needs it, especially with college applications.
The teachers truly believe in their students and push them to become better people. The schools are not very diverse as they are located in a small town. Safety is most important to Long County Schools.
My experience at Long County schools have been nothing but positive. The warm environment created by teachers for a safe learning space has made Long County the best school system I've attended.
I really haved loved high school. My high school is a small school, so everyone knows everyone. I do wish we had more clubs though and better opportunity of advanced classes.
I enjoy the involvement that teachers take in the student's academic life; however, they will not just walk in uninvited. The teachers must be "invited" into a student's life in order to take an interest and assist, to a further extent, the student.
Great school. They took away AP classes. They care a lot about the sports teams, especially football and basketball. The school gas nice clubs and organizations, such as hosa, FBLA, Beta club and more. They are switching principals next year, but they are still great people. The band is important, but so are academics. I feel as if they are trying to make it a tougher curriculum.
I believe that this is a small city, in which is raised short-minded. Favortism is quite frequent being that most of the faculty are related to at least 3 students in the school. The curriculum is far behind where it needs to be at.
Poorly administered . Poor discipline . Teachers teaching classes they unqualified to teach. Significant drug and gang issues in the upper grades.
I love how we get the chance at Long County High school to be apart of the Move On When Ready Program. I feel like every student that is able to do this, definitely should! It's free, and you're getting ahead in college. What I would like to see a change in at the high school is different food choices. School lunch used to be the best when we were little but now you get soggy food or left overs from three days ago. It's gross. Make a change or let us bring our own food in from other places.
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