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Long Branch Public Schools Reviews

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Long Branch has great facilities but the education is flawed. Parent involvement is poor since a large chunk of parents cannot speak English. The culture in the school is dominated by Hispanics. Every event has a Hispanic theme including back to school night.
The school is great but students should start taking school more seriously. Also parents should start paying more attention to their kids.
It was an amazing school. The teachers where incredible and it was a perfect place for learning. I loved the sports culture we had. The drama club was fun. Everything about the school was actually amazing.
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I've gone to this school district since Pre-K through 6th grade. We then moved for my 7th-11th grade experiences but now I'm back at Long Branch for my senior year, of all of the schools I went to, Long Branch by far has been the best of them all, educationally speaking.
the diversity is great but just a boring school overall. Party’s are very hard to come across and teachers are kinda hard to connect with. although the school is very close to one another no bullying is seen for the most part
Great School and caring teachers! Many different classes to choose from especially in Senior year! Definitely promotes diversity, independency and awareness of bullying and the downside of that...therefore many students help each other succeed! If I can make a suggestion of adding more class trips for the students every year as there is sometimes usually one and it is not very innovative or inspiring.
Long Branch High School was the gap that is often times necessary to people who aren’t receiving the education and support they need at home. These teachers and the staff push and support you and your dreams and encourage you to strive and see your own potential. Long Branch High School gave you the love that you sometimes didn’t get anywhere else. Huge shout out to Mr. Freeman, Ms. Glanzberg, Mr. Rawls, and Mr. Lipman for always believing in us and pushing us to do better!
Long branch is a very diverse town that allows everyone to get involved. The staff/teachers are very friendly, and helping! The sports are definitely a plus because you're teammates become your family.
I like that my teachers are always ready to help. They sacrifice their own time to tutor me on lessons I don't understand.
Long Branch School district is very diverse and welcoming. The staff is professional and friendly. The only complaints would be college readiness. I feel that the school does not prepare us for the rigorous college academics. I hear teachers complain about students not writing good papers but they don't teach us. A lot of teachers tell us that college work is very hard and professors give you 10 page papers but I don't understand why aren't these English teachers giving us 10 page paper assignments. I shouldn't have to take honors or a.p to get the right education. I've never been assigned an English papers that was more than 3 pages. They give us too many book analysis and don't teach us how to write a good college level paper or even proper grammer. These teachers make us feel like when we get to college we will be doomed. Instead of scaring us, they should teach. Overall Long Branch public schools is a good district.
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