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Long Beach Unified School District Reviews

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I like Long Beach Unified Schools because they have a diversity community and very good teachers that help students prepare to their future.
We get free SAT twice, $5 AP exam fees, college and career readiness, and very helpful and supportive staff members.
I don't believe the schools are organized. I do appreciate the resources available to me as I prepare for college.
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LBUSD is a good district because it supplies it's students with necessary technology and equipment that aids the education experience.
We have at least 8 high schools within this school district an 9th one just opening this year to Freshmen. This allows a student a wide variety of pathways, locations and school styles to choose from.
I have only been in schools that belong to the Long Beach Unified School District and my overall experience is great! We've been acknowledge as one of the best school districts in the nation. Growing up in the Long Beach School District has prepared me for college but comes along with some concerns including the facilities and the safety of students. Throughout the years I have come to realize that the facilities at my schools have become unacceptable and extremely unsanitary. I would like to see a major upgrade in the way that these schools accommodate the needs of their students.
Being apart of the Long Beach School District for 13 years now has been one of the best experiences I possible could of had. I believe that LBSUD truly has the best interest for all the students getting an education through them. You periodically see people who work for them on campus to check our learning environment. There is no where else I would of rather of gone to get an education. I have always felt safe at all three schools I have attended and felt that my best interest was in their minds. I attended Cleveland Elementary School, Bancroft Middle School, and am currently attending Millikan High School.
Long Beach Unified School District provides the tools necessary for students to succeed. More technology is being incororporated into classrooms and all the teachers have unique learning styles to appeal to the different ways students learn. Although most school are spending money to improve classrooms or fields, the bathrooms are uncleanly.
The district is clearly very caring about their students, and are very aware of the world we live in when involving safety, academics, and health in food.
The Long Beach Unified School District provides a varies amount of choices for all elementary, middle and high school students. For elementary and middle school students, they have the choice of going to their home school or school of their own preference. For high school students, there are multiple opportunities to receieves a good education and have the choice to go to a college or university.
Long Beach Unified School district has prepared me many ways educationally into pursuing my dream in college of becoming a nurse. I have been in the Long Beach Unified School District my entire education and i would say there is a great diversity all around from ethnicity to religion. From this huge diversity us students are able to accept others beliefs with an open mind set. I have learned more than just education from being part of this school district such as knowing the world around me. LBUSD makes sure to make education a fun learning experience as well as a priority for our future.
I had a great experience in Long Beach Unified the teachers were supportive. There were resources to help with school such as free tutoring. I just think teachers should be more transparent with lessons and give syllabuses lie college and post office hours. School extra-ciricular activities were very fun. I just think there should be more thorough training for coaches in sports programs.
I went through LBUSD for K-12 and had a great experience, going to Poly high school really prepared me for college and how to do college level work
Its a very good school district and has great policies. Very diverse and equal. Some of the teachers are really bad and the district doesn't remove them
The Long Beach Unified School District is all about the students, they want nothing but for the students to be prepared for college or any other aspect of life no matter what the next step they take is.
It is a diverse place to be and the programs run in particularly public schools are up to par to many private institutions. There seems to be tons initiative to get seniors into some sort of higher education, which is welcomed. The class climate is accepting of all races, sexualities, and gender expressions.
My experience in the Long Beach Unified School District was different due to me moving schools in middle school. I was around one environment and then transformed into a new environment with new people. Overall, it was a good experience you meet people who are different from you and you learn many things along the way as far as school, friendships and life. What I would like to see change would be, teachers being more involved with students and giving them a push to be great. Also, showing everyone how to be open and step out their comfort zone.
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What I liked about LBUSD is the major diversity and the support the faculty gives the students. Of course, I had some teachers that absolutely refused to help, however, I had many teachers who supported me and were willing to help me in any way. However, I feel as if the sports programs are corrupt, as I have experienced some of them and not had very good results.
I like that they had many school fundraisers, and chances to get free things. I also liked that they had book fairs in the school libraries.
I really enjoyed all my years spent in the Long Beach unified school district I know that my teachers and other school staff really care about my success and the money provided for us every year to spend on school events is amazing.
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