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I love Long Beach Unified School District. I'm saying it coming from Compton Unified School District. It has had a huge impact in my life just like it has been helping me succeed. Not only does it help me, but it also contains great sports.
I was a part of the Long Beach Unified School District for over 12 years. The school has always provided a safe atmosphere for its students, making it easy to adapt to a new learning environment each school year. The schools have made available a variety of resources including: health centers, college/career readiness centers, libraries, food centers, and many more. These resources have helped me not only while I was there, but also prepared me for my future success. I was able to successfully transition into College with the help and support that the Long Beach Unified School District provided.
During all my years in the Long Beach Unified District I have experienced a lot and how people can inspire you especially the decisions that you may make which there are some that I wish I could go back in change. Millikan is where I became myself and expressed myself because of the amazing staff and teachers that are there especially the AP and Honors teachers providing assistance. The environment is great as well with all the students.
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I really enjoyed my experience here the teachers are really helpful and great. They really care for the students so it went good for me if I needed help I knew I can count on them.
Millikan was a good school. It wasn't the best but it was good. I made a couple of friends. The food on the other hand wasn't that good. The only good food Millikan gave out occasionally was the Mac and Cheese. The football games were very interesting mostly because of the students who went to cheer for their team. Even though Millikan wasn't a very good football team it was fun to watch.
Long Beach Unified School District is very diverse with different types of people from different types of cultures which makes it unique.
I like that the teachers are very communicative with their students and explain everything thoroughly.
I like the fact that parents and teachers are usually very involved. All the schools in this district also offer many different clubs and activities.
I have had a very positive experience at Wilson and feel equipped with my social and academic skills. However, I would like to see a higher involvement across the board of all students to join clubs and go to school functions.
Going through high school for four years I had a great experiences. The teachers prepared the test well. I want every schools have uniform like Wilson so that some high school student could wear more appropriate clothes to school.
What I like about Long Beach school districts is they encourage students to attend college and do their best in school and they provide the help and resources you need.
I would reccomend the long beach polytechnic PACE program to anyone looking to prepare for college. It is a very encouraging and understanding program and while the workload may be a bit much there is still plenty of time to do extra curricular activities. All the teachers have been great so far and the freshman program here is amazing and really prepared you for an intense sophmore year. Overall the school district has been lacking on the lacrosse program following staffing issues, but the facilities provided by them are very substantial and I understand that there are many setbacks but the facilities arare in need of severe refurbishment and the rodent problem here is a very prevalent issue. Thank you for reading my review.
Nearing my graduation from the Long Beach Unified School District, I can say that my experience has been a good one. I enjoyed the campuses I’ve reveived my education from and the wonderful teachers and staff that supported my learning.
I like the community and togetherness that they promote. They should make check ups for each school's facilities more recent.
I came to the United States on 2016, I knew it was going to be hard because it was a new culture for me, but at my school, Millikan High School, the staff and teachers made it easier, what I like about LBUSD is that they do the most for you to reach your goals, the teachers are committed to teach you, counselors are friendly and the staff make a friendly-environment at the school. So far it has been a great experience.
This district is nice because they have a lot of different choices for public schools. However a lot of the schools buildings are old and do not have AC.
The Long Beach School District are all in for the students because they provide as much activities as they can for the students. Also they have provided new technology such as new computers to improve our learning. Their dedication to the students is strong that they offer help to all students and provide that info to parents and the students. I wouldn't change anything about the LB School District.
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LBUSD offers a diverse selections of schools for your child, and the schools themselves are diverse. All of my experiences has been positive when attending those schools, but I believe the district can do better in terms of school nutrition and administration.
They offered a great variety of programs that individuals were able to chose from to help prepare them for college. There were also career centers in my high school that the district paid for to help students learn about financial aid as well as other important factors leading up to applications and such.
It is a nice school district with caring schools in elementary,middle,and high schools that uses the money they receive to always make the school better for students and staff to succeed
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