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Great experience. I went to long beach school basically my entire school years. I graduated May 2018. Great teachers and school admin. They are like my family and many i will keep in touch with throughout my life.
In my opinion, my school is a wonderful place to learn. The atmosphere and building on the other hand, is in very bad shape. The school has rats, expired milk on occasions, and not enough up to date equipment.
The teachers are great and I love that I had the option of early graduation. They now also offer college courses for upcoming students that allow them to take college courses and graduate with an associates degree as well as a diploma.
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There are many teachers there that are totally vested in seeing each and every student succeed but unfortunately some kids especially those who lack adequate parental support are left behind. The building is old with many entrances and lack of security in these days is a big factor. The school is usually well supported by the community. It is a small town with a small town feel and that made me happy.
The only real complaint I have is the physical condition of Long Beach High School. We really need a new school updated in both safety and resources. As far as classes and teachers, LBHS is a very good school.
I like many things about Long Beach School district. One of the many things I like are the teachers. They are always alert and willing to help the students of Long Beach. For example, if someone is in need they will put fundraisers together to help them out. They offer a shoulder to cry on or even a listening ear. Long Beach school district did a great job on picking the teachers that represent them.
I have went to four other highschools, and this was the second from the bottom. The administrators and teachers were helpful and encouraging, but the way that they set up the freshman my last year, set them up for failure. They were babying them and spoiling them too much. Overall was a good school.
During my time at the high school, I have noticed both good and bad things. Something good is the vocational programs, while something bad is sometimes they have teachers teaching subjects they are not certified to teach.
I love that a lot of the teachers will sit down with you and help you as much as they can to see you succeed.
I had a great 4 years at Long Beach. It was very easy to get involved and most of the teachers truly cared.
Over the past four years attending Long Beach High School, I have had a great experience. I was always pushed by my teachers to put forth my best effort, and to not give up on what I believe in. Although there were some times where things got difficult, I wouldn't have traded my experience at Long Beach for anything else.
I have lived in Long Beach almost my entire life. So this school district has been really the only one that I've known. It has many great attributes and accessibilities. Although there are many things I would change to it. First off, there would need to be highly enforced rules on bullying and how to counteract the damages done by it. Bullying is a horrid and disgusting entertainment for those who see themselves above others. Another thing I would change is the poor regiment that the lunches are based upon. As a senior I've been through all the levels and the lunches are horribly timed. One lunch is always overlapping with another and the amount of people in the cafeterias at one given time is to much. That's about it. Other than that. The academics are excellent . There's really nothing that without determination that we cannot do in this system.
Long Beach school district is not a school I would recommend to many people. The middle school had bad bullying and the principal did nothing about it. I suffered from major depression and the school looked at me like I was a disease. In high school it got worse I had many people tell me to kill myself and I was worthless when I told the teachers and principlals they ignored it and sent me to get a mental evaluation instead . Last year in 9th grade I got sexually assaulted and they did nothing about the matter except a no contact contract which doesn't help at all because it was easily broke . I felt scared for my safety and I had nightmares every night . This year the bullying got even worse back in may I ended up trying to kill my self because it was so bad and I almost succeeded. I ended up having a blood transfusion and stitches , that's when my mom had enough and decided to let me be home bound however the decision was not put into place until this month.
I personally didnt like this school. Its more of a oh he is a football player so im letting him slife type of school. There ate some teachers who are not like that.
The teachers care about their students. Administration is fair. We are required to do ACT prep 3 times a week in each class. They reward good behavior and good grades. The only issue with LBHS is the building was built in the 60's. It is outdated and falling apart. We just upgraded to a wall AC unit. The textbooks are outdated and falling apart.
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