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Lone Tree Community School District Reviews

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Close relations with Staff. Good amount of extra curricular activities. Sports and clubs could be more provided for. More diverse classes.
Lone Tree Community School is K-12. It's a small school with a big heart. Elementary enjoy the opportunity to participate in pep ralleys for high school events. Many high school and elementary students know each other by first name. Students can choose to participate in sports and fine art activities without having to try out. Parents from large schools are enrolling their children in our school to get them away from big school problems. The school does everything to accept these kids. Our school has been tested with safety and they passed making feel my children are in a safe environment. My children are the 4th generation of attending Lone Tree Community School and I continue to be proud of our school and proud to be a Lone Tree Lion!
What I love about the Lone Tree School District is the smaller classes. There are some great teachers who will help students one-on-one. The staff is very caring towards the students.
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Lone Tree is a great school if you want one on one time with teachers and a more specialized learning program because of how small it is. But the size does lead to some problems because there are not a lot of electives that you can take, and every year the high school receives at least two new teachers. We lose good teachers and receive new teachers who are in the first few years of their career and have a hard time with the teaching aspect.
The teachers are very good about trying to work with their students. All though the students aren’t great at welcoming new comers also bullying does not get handles well at all they just let it slide
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