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Lone Oak Independent School District Reviews

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Lone Oak is a tight knit community with highly educated teachers. The only fault to lone oak is not one by choice, the lack of funding leads to some issues with roofs leaking and constant breakdowns of air conditioners and other essential machines.
I enjoyed my time in school as much as most teenagers. I think they should add rodeo to the school.
Overall, my experience with Lone Oak ISD has been pretty good but one thing about them really stands out. Lone Oak ISD offers a variety of college-preparatory classes. Although they have a limited amount of AP classes, they team up with the local community college which allows students to take dual-credit classes throughout their high school careers. This program, I think, really sets LOISD apart from the surrounding districts.
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Lone Oak Texas is a tight community, with huge parental support for school activities. While going to high school in Lone Oak, you are part of a community, having pros and cons. Being in a small town everyone knows everything about anything that has happened. Sometimes the "small town drama" can shade students eyes from the fun parts of the small town community.
I would have wresting added as a sport. This school is excellent as academic wise. My oldest graduated they and is on to college and going to be a Doctor. The teachers are helpful and understanding.
It is a great school for a small town. The elementary is the best school, middle school is okay, and high school did not prepare me for college. The school district is all about football and Friday night lights are very important to the community.
Lone Oak was a good high school to graduate from. It is a small east Texas town so the diversity is not huge, but is improving.
I have really enjoyed attending Lone Oak Independent School District. I have grown close to many of my teachers because they have not only increased my knowledge but also connected with me personally and built a relationship with me. I would have liked a wider variety of classes to choose from because I felt that certain aspects of my education were limited.
Great School district despite its size it is very competitive and ambitious striving for student success in both academic and athletic fields.
I went to Lone Oak K-12. It was an amazing educational experience, and a great place to grow up at. Lone Oak's faculty are excellent and very nice people.
I like the small town feel of Lone Oak. I have gone here my whole life and would most likely send my future kids here. Very safe atmosphere.
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