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For the most part the staff and administration are very helpful and invested in your education. There are some exceptions however that simply should not have gotten into education because they hate their jobs and it shows in how they teach and interact with students. Primarily the school is centered around athletics, more specifically softball and football. Students who are not involved in any extra curricular activities can fall through the cracks. The band program is amazing and they even went on a 3 week European tour last year, and this is coming from a non-band kid. Overall a good school, and I would have rather gone here than any other school in this area, but ultimately I’m happy to leave and go to college.
I was only there for a short period of time, but I made some good friends that i still talk to today!
Lone Grove was excellent in preparing me for life. The teachers and staff were very nice and helpful.
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Graduated in 1997, it’s the best school around. I’d recommend it to everyone. All around well rounded school. Goal oriented, encourages growth life and performance. Everyone gets along and children can focus on building for their future.
That is very focused on sports and other extracurricular activity but not very on some of the real problems. They brush off bullying and just people being mean.
I loved my high school experience. I was involved in multiple organizations and my senior year I was an office aide. That really stretched me to be more friendly because I had to talk to people when they came in the office.
Most teachers care About your education, but not all. The sports are generally good, but there are not many other activities
I have went to Lone Grove my entire life. Its a great school system. Lone Grove is a small town and the school is pretty big due to people wanting to move out of Ardmore. Its a school where everyone knows everyone and its a family enviroment . The teachers here are excellent and willing to help any of the students with their needs.
Love the family atmosphere. Academic wise it could be better. Teachers need better resources available to them. Need better advisement for college readiness. Great school to have grown up in.
I love the fact that we are in a smaller town. Everyone pretty much knows everyone. Sports are a shut the town down kind of activity. However, I will say that I am very disappointed in the amount of pressure put on these kids in state testing. My daughter has come home in tears over testing and not being involved in points driven prizes because of academics.
It's a great school and I love it there,but they could work on when new people show up. I was new freshman year and I was having touble finding freinds. They did do a new student lunch,but it was hard to find and I didn't talk to more then 3 people.
I like the fact it is easy to see where your classes are and the place is usually very cleaned. I would change on how they treat the kids and let the kids have more opinions for themselves.
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