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Londonderry School District Reviews

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The staff is great, and the teachers and classes are wonderful, however the school appearance is very old and run down on the inside.
My experience at Londonderry High School was phenomenal. The teachers were great and I always felt as though I was in a safe and welcoming environment.
I have had a wonderful experience with Londonderry High School. Everyone in the school community is cheerful everyday and I am never afraid to go to people if I need them.
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I didn’t join Londonderry school district until my freshman year, but I was taken into the community so easily. Everybody was so welcoming, and I instantly felt at home
I love Londonderry Highand it has been wonderful for my son who is a very bright child. He is challenged there and has many opportunities for advanced classes plus they have one of the best bands in the country and he has experienced great opportunities with the band . I have no doubt that Londonderry will be more than prepare my son for college .I do wish though that there wasn’t such a concentration on homework as I feel they get too much... that is the only negative thing though and much of it is due to the Honors classes.
The Londonderry school has amazing teachers and staff that are willing to work with kids as long as the kids are willing to work too! The dinning services at LHS have improved greatly. As an alum working in my old middle school, I now see a bit more diversity, which is beyond lovely!!
The teachers are helpful and available for afterschool help.
They are full of suggestions and informative on ways to stay on key future wise
Prepared me well for high school. Very motivated teachers! Facilities were excellent. Music program is outstanding. I learned to play two instruments.
I would like to say there were more great teacher than not, but there were plenty of teachers there that shouldn't have been teaching. There were of course some great teachers there, but if you didn't have those teachers you would've suffered.
The district is excellent as they put academics first. Also Londonderry celebrates all success from sports to athletics to clubs. Community support is all around as they support students.
I like that the faculty makes the student body feel important and that me all matter. Londonderry High School is not just a school it is a nation!
I liked Londonderry High School a lot. I think they should push math and engineering more. The art program was better than most. However there are cultural issues regarding race among the student population.
When I moved to Londonderry, I loved how the school and teachers adapted to the students and their needs. Teachers will adjust their curriculum in a way that will benefit everyone all together. Londonderry schools truly want the best for each and everyone of their students and hope to see them succeed. They will truly prepare you to become college and career ready. One thing I would change about the school district would be by fixing the wifi, so it would be faster and easier to access.
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