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The size of the school works for and against it. I know everybody in my graduating class and can easily make friends. Classes are a decent in size and help the learning experience. My only issue would be that there were not enough opportunity, and that is something the school has been expanding on. When I went through, there weren’t as many technologically oriented classes, but they are being added now.
London High School provided me with the tools I need to move on to the next level. My siblings attended a private Catholic high school, and my parents were reluctant to let me attend LHS, but I feel I received just as great if not a better education.
London is a small public school that is definitely growing, but still limited in opportunities. Here you will find incredible and inspirational teachers in certain roles, but in others you'll find less qualified or motivated educators. London does little to motivate its students beyond the bare minimum, and often dumb down some courses to make them easier. Still, self-motivated students will find the resources they need to excel and be prepared for post-secondary education.
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This district really gets involved with academics and tries their best to make everyone's experience the best. The staff is very helpful to the students and tries to accommodate to the student's needs. They have improved on their technology use and have really integrated the use of technology into their lessons in the schools.
I transferred to London high School as a freshman from a small private Catholic school. I was welcomed with open arms per the staff and students. My transition was seem less. The staff are easy to talk with and on many occasions have set time aside to work with me on challenging subjects. Our principal Mr. Eisler is a great roll model and is constantly saying encouraging words to the student body. He provides a safe atmosphere and upholds discipline as needed. Now as a senior I look back at my high school career and am proud to be a London Red Raider.
It is a very interesting school that is very sport based, more so when football is involved. The teachers are very friendly and there are many college credit opportunities.
My experiences with London middle School has been absolutely appalling.... Teacher that cuss students, tell them they are going to put soap in students mouths and physically man handle students with emotional issues... I'm not so sure that the students are the problem, maybe it's time for this particular teacher to give it up or think about some further training on handing special needs children...
Further, punishments are extreme and not appropriate for students with special needs. Also sending lower grade levels to In school suspension with high school students where they could be seriously injured by an older child is totally unacceptable in my book..
My experiences at Canaan middle were just as bad by teacher telling my child he did not have to be at school that they would not count him truant.
This school system needs much improvement.
I have to say they have a wonderful gifted program. Great sports curriculum and after school activities.
London City Schools is a district that supplies you with what you need to be successful. It is easy to stand out academically through the advanced courses offered in the high school level. The teachers are dedicated to helping students throughout their high school experience.
London is a small town. Everyone pretty much knows everyone. My experience there was with a close knit group of friends. My education was good enough to get into college. My teachers seemed very invested. I had no contact or reason to have contact with the school board or even the principal. I was part of the FCCLA, and there were a few other clubs and FFA. I was on the track team and involved in the theater department.
London City Schools is a good school with many good teachers who are responsive to students and are willing to put forth effort to help their students learn.
London is a small school but that allows the students to participate in many extracurricular activities that would not be possible in a larger school.
I loved attending here at London High School. All the faculty is there to help you through your everyday life as well there to prepare you for your future. The academics here are extremely competitive and sometimes difficult. There isn't anything I would want to change through my experience here at London.
Small school in rural environment with lots of opportunity for growth. Overs Honors classes, AP courses, College Plus courses, and connects to local technical school. Wide variety of sports, clubs, and extracurricular activities.
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