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I like how they get involved in a students life so they can have a better future but I think sometimes they over step there boundaries. It good to keep a student on track but not to the point were y are trying to act like a parent to the student. The district is a very good place and its helped many students and we are all grateful but its just the teachers at the schools that make it worse. Some teachers are very good and kind while others are just negative and seem like they don't like there job.
Band Department is outstanding! Marching band has been in the top 10 for the last 8 years, in top three the last 6 years.
what I liked about the district was they care about the safety of the student and do anything they can to help the student when it's needed. The district also provide tutoring and after school programs for the student which I admire. They also have school fairs and programs to get the students involve.
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Most of the money goes to the Lompoc High School football team and other things like fancy fences and Mac computers. Which is upsetting sometimes. I have had a pretty amazing experience with everything else in the district.
The Lompoc Unified School District does an amazing job about caring for all of the students. They take the time to listen to a student (s) when they have a problem or an idea to make LUSD better.
I feel like performance wise the district is a big lack luster and not as up to par in making sure students are college ready. They also have massive bullying problems that go unaddressed and are not taken seriously for students that are discriminated for their gender orientation or sexuality. A large majority of the funding in the two high schools go towards the sport teams rather than toward academic centered programs in a failed attempt to generate revenue for the school. The food is AWEFUL. It barely hits the mark for what is healthy for students and is disgustingly unappetizing.
Personally my high school is excellent. The problems I see come from the main LUSD board. The superintendent seems very fixed on everything being “his way or the highway”. My principal was put on leave and is still not back, our school needs him, our school misses him. The main reason he was put on leave was because a past issue was brought up again, just so the superintendent could get him in trouble. The individual schools can hold their own for sure, but I feel that the power of the board that is respresenting our schools is corrupt. I wish it were better. It’s supposed to be for all the students (like me) but it seems like their focus is on less pressing matters.
Lompoc is a great school. There is a diverse population and everyone is great. The teachers can be a bit strict but overall if you try you will pass with an A. The classes are super easy. Just pay attention, take Zellers class and you'll love it.
I love how every elementary school in the district has started to specialize in certain non academic courses for example the school I went to as a kid is starting to specialize in the arts and music education.
Lompoc Unified School District is a very diverse district with lots of things going on constantly. There are many sports and clubs to join and always something to keep you busy. While some of our resources are limited we try our best to make the best of what we have and fund-raise the rest.
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