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School diversity is amazing. Friendly staff, they care about what a student needs in order to graduate. Counselors always check up on students, teachers offer help and make themselves available whenever students need help.
Overall, I had a great experience during my 4 years at LHS. I’m glad I was involved in sports and clubs. The teachers I had were always willing to help when help was needed. There were many opportunities one had as a student at LHS especially because of their career center. During my time there I was able to get my CNA license which has brought many benefits. I have LHS to thanks for that!
Logansport High School has been a great experience for me. For being in a small town, Logansport High School, has a lot to offer from dual credit classes to career ready classes. Students can take class in the Century Career Center, which allows them to get hands on experience in a career of their choice.
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All of my teachers and counselors are always there to help and support me when I need it most. It is a great learning environment and there is always some activity to join. It is impossible not to be involved in something, because everyone is always pushing us to join new clubs to find what interests us. I have no idea where I would be if it were not for my amazing school.
In the Logansport Community school Corporation has good staff that is very competent. The schools are small enough for individual attention. The staff cares about the students well being and works hard to attend to everyone.
I was lucky to have an amazing high school experience filled with great teachers and coaches. I also had a great administration, including one of the best principals around. I'm honored to be an alumni!
I love the faculty and all of the staff. They definitely put the students first. I only wish that they would pay more attention to the arts. We have spent millions on the athletic department while our performing arts and music is slowly wasting away.
Logansport did a very good job at making sure every student got the academic experience they deserve. Athletics were a very big part of our school as everyone was included in all school events and no student was left out.
My daughter has had a great experience at Logansport Community School Corporation. Sports, extra curricular activity, academics have all met and exceeded our expectations. She is adequately prepared to begin college in the fall. The staff and coaching staff at LHS have all met and exceeded our expectations as well.
I arrived at Logansport High School in the middle of my junior year. All the students were already in their own groups. At first that made it hard, however, there were many nice students who treated me as a friend and accepted me in their group of friends. The teachers also made it better for me to feel part of the school.
Absolutely amazing school. Many dual credit courses and classes to fit your academic desires. Logansport helps students get on track for college points them in the right direction for life.
I am proud to be a Logansport Berry. I think our school is safe, fun, and great place to learn. The staff really cares about the students having a safe and fun environment. More student programs, including dance as a sport to letter in would be a great change. Overall I love my school and my four years here.
I love this High School for the close experience you get with the teachers and faculty. I have built great and strong relationships with many teachers and staff. They are the ones who made me want to become a teacher myself and give back to the school and the programs that made me who I am today. Being able to help kids like my teachers and coaches have helped me has been my goal since I was a sophomore. Some of the biggest influences in my life have been my teachers and coaches.
Overall its great. I am looking forward to makimg alot out of this website. It my first time experiecing. I still need to do more research about what I want to do so I can apply to more scholarships. I believe that everyone has a chance to go to college and I am thinkful for the opportunity that this website is offering.
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