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I liked how we were able to have computers. I like the education we are getting. I would change or improve the dress code and being able to carry backpacks throughout the school day.
Logan View is definitely a special case. Everyone has known each other since they were little, and it has helped them grow amazing friendships with one another. Just being around some of these people lifts spirits and makes you feel at home. The close connections between everyone are simply amazing.
Logan View is wonderful school with a interactive learning environment. The school is small which while causing many popularity contests all through high school also gives you more time with the teacher because they don't have as many students otherwise. They are trying to go completely online, which in my opinion may be hurting them
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My experience at Logan View Public Schools has been a blast. When I first came to Logan View in the sixth grade I didn't know what to think or do because leaving my friends from my old school was hard but making new friends right away made everything better. I got the respect and attention from everyone. I felt welcomed. Logan View is a small country school and everyone knows everyone and teachers know your name instead of by a number its like home because you get to know everyone so well.
Logan View is an excellent school. We have great facilities for sports and activities and wide range of diversity. Our FFA program excels in many competitions along with the band. The teachers are always willing to help students and often come in early in the morning. Students are normally very friendly and are often found smiling in the hallways.
I transferred here my sophomore year and I love it. The staff and the students are all so welcoming. Here they push you to your limit to help you succeed in life. The teachers are passionate about their subjects and strive to help you be a productive member of society. I wouldn't ask for a better high school. Academics is their number one priority. As there is an article in the Omaha World Herald about how the basketball team we have here is the smartest in Nebraska.
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