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Logan-Hocking Local School District Reviews

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I had a great experience being a student here, and was well prepared for a career in STEM. The athletics and arts facilities were all top notch, and the staff was welcoming and well educated.
A lot of the teachers at the Logan schools are nice enough but it's hard to get that one on one attention feel because there's too many kids. The high school has over 1200 students and there's just not enough staff for all the kids. They claim there's a zero tolerance bullying policy but nothing really ever gets done about it.

It's really all about who you know. You're more likely to get leniency and favoritism from a teacher if your parents are well known or important or have a lot of money. A lot of the teachers teaching advanced classes are incredibly harsh and treat non-advanced kids or kids in their classes who have trouble like trash.
When it comes to Logan-Hocking Local School District, I believe that there could be some change. However, I do believe that it is a good district as well. I think that they made a great choice when it came to free breakfast for their students. I also believe that they could change their security for their schools. We live in a society that is constantly on guard for predators and school attacks. By creating a much more secure learning environment such as adding metal detectors and having passes for each student to get it, it would help to make sure that no one could just walk in. This would ensure that all the students and staff are safe for each school. Other then that option, I believe that the staff in each school are very supportive and responsible when it comes to the students.
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Logan-Hocking School District is a wonderful place for students. Not only are the teachers qualified, but they also care about students on a personal level. There are many activities that students are able to take part in, such as sports, arts: including choir, band, theater, musicals- etc. This school district gives students great opportunities and prepares students for college in AP and CCP classes taught by the high school teachers.
I attended Logan- Hocking School district K-12. The teachers and staff there truly care about their students and want them to be as successful as possible. Logan High School is a good environment to learn in.
A lot of bullying goes unchecked, the food is decent but sometimes doesn't look edible. Most of the teachers are very good but some have no clue how to teach and kids fail due to lack if explanation.
I am a former student of LHS and I think they do well for the small size of the town and the school.
Logan-Hocking School District is the best kept secret in Southeastern Ohio! We moved to the region based on what they had to offer for our son with Down Syndrome and our daughter who is gifted and needed challenged. Our son was fully included in general education and "pull outs" for reading and math. He flourished academically and socially, was a part of all plays and musicals, worked the school store, concession stand at football games, and voted King of the Winter Sports.
Our daughter had just as good of an experience. She was challenged academically with Advanced Placement course work. She was a member of the renowned Logan Chieftain Marching band under Mr. Jeff North, was highly involved in fall and spring plays garnering the parts of Peter Pan, Cinderella, and many others. She feels that the AP course work definitely prepared her for college and is what helped her learn how to organize and manage her time, and helped her become a Dean's List student! Kudos to LHS!!
I enjoyed my time there and am happy to now be an Alumni. I'm thankful my small home town has such a great facility for learning.
I have had a great overall experience as I have attended Logan-Hocking schools since preschool. Being the only high school in the county, we are a D1 school. Logan has so much to offer from athletics to a variety of classes, many of which are AP classes. Logan is a great school with great staff and learning environment.
The Logan-Hocking Local School District is a great school district to go to. The high school contains several classes that led into different career paths, which get thoughts rolling about future job possibilities for the students. Some of the classes are very hands on and have labs every week such as biomedical science. Besides all of this the Logan-Hocking Local School District has various extracurricular activities ranging from sports like basketball to theater.
Overall this is a good district. Improvements can always be made though. The teachers are generally good teachers. There are a lot of resources and clubs as well. Sports are funded very well.
Logan Hocking Schools are really amazing schools. The teachers are amazing at what they do. The environment is lively and everyone has a place. There is bullying, as there is in every school, but the people in charge do something about it and if a teacher sees it, they will stop it automatically, without waiting for the situation to get out of control.
I enjoyed the teachers that I interacted with, they were friendly and open about the material they taught us. What I would like to see change is the food.
The teachers in school district are fantastic. I love all the option of classes that you can take. You can tell the main priority of this school is get the kids as ready as they can be for whatever career they may choose.
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