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Logan County Schools are filled with teachers that care about the well being of their students and do their best to insure that every child is provided with the tools and resources needed to learn the maximum amount possible.
Logan County is broken down into 5 individual middle schools. It is a school that most students want to go to now days simply for the sports, but there is more to the school than just the sports. Here you have about 1,200 or more students and you have the opportunity to talk to and meet just about everyone no matter middle school you attended. Most the students participate in something either sports related or club related. Athletes are taken care just as much as the average student. No matter if you play sports or not everyone is treated the same.
Logan County Highschool is a well diverse school. There are many great opportunities from sports, clubs/organizations,etc. Logan county is Highly successful in academics and the teachers/administration always want to help you succeed.
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I really enjoyed going to Logan County High School. The teachers prepared me to move on with life after high school. Though we were forced to learn information that was not really necessary, I would still rate the Logan county system as a 4/5.
I believe that Logan County is a good school district, but a few things could be organized and approached differently. Although, the administrators are great and the staff is amazing.
I have so much pride in being a Logan County Cougar! My experience thus far has been nothing shy of enjoyable. My teachers have all been a pleasure to work with and my classmates are some of the brightest people I have ever met. When I think about all the people that make Logan County so great, the word "thankful" immediately comes to mind. I am so fortunate to have such wonderful people encouraging me to do my best in all things; not just academics.
Logan County High School offers so much to students who desire to succeed. AP classes and dual credit classes taken with local universities are just a few of the ways high achieving student needs are met. In addition to academic support, LCHS offers numerous clubs and opportunities for community involvement for students.
Logan county has always been very kind and welcoming, however some of the population can be close minded.
Logan County has been home to me for my entire life. However, their ways of teaching have their ups and downs, as do all things. One good thing about Logan County is their academics. Their education is amongst the top in the state of Kentucky and they offer a wide variety of class choices. On the other hand, one negative aspect about Logan County is their poor teaching of college readiness/ AP classes. Although the class are at a "college level," they do not seem that way. The material that we learn is nothing like what is taught in colleges and the difficulty that we are learning at is not preparing the students whatsoever.
I like how educated it keeps everyone. The school and the teachers try their best to involve each and every student in productive ways to teach and educate everyone. They focus on how each student learns and makes sure they completely understand everything before continuing on to the next course. They keep the students excited to learn and ready to come back each and every day.
Well I didn't really like the schools district at first. Then after attending for 12 years I cant really picture my self going anywhere else because I'm so used to it. The teachers their was somewhat nice and understandable. One thing I would hope to change is they take trying to help get kids into college more serious and not just focus on specific athletes .
I've been going to school here going on four years and they have all been great years. I've been involved in volleyball and tennis all four years, i think this helped me enjoy my high schools years here because playing sports help you meet new people, you also become known by playing a sport. I wish that our school would try and get everyone involved, by supporting our teams at games and meeting new people.
I enjoyed my time as a student at Logan County High School. There was a wide variety of sports and clubs. The teachers were all professional and did not hesitate to help me when I was struggling to grasp the concept.
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