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Logan City School District isn't all that bad. However, they do not consider other people's opinions or lives very well. They seem to always do what they want and it doesn't help any of the schools.
My overall experience with Logan City School District has been really good. I personally don't have any problems but I know that some people have problems mainly with the Administration. The teachers are wonderful here and there is a lot of diversity which is awesome.
I love the Logan City School district. My school, Logan High, is a great environment with programs ranging from arts to sports to academics to culture clubs. A wide range of courses and opportunities are offered, and the teachers are easy to communicate with because classes aren't too big. I would recommend the Logan City School district to any of my friends--in fact, I already have!
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My overall experience with logan high school was fair. While I thouroughly enjoyed the clubs, sports, and activities that were held, I had a difficult time with the administration and teachers. I moved there my junior year and was behind on everything I needed to know. Getting my school laptop took a long time which made me behind in my classes and there were other instances with the administrators and teachers that weren’t ideal.
The teachers here are fantastic! You know that you are cared about and are more than just a grade. The administration is difficult to work with if you don't have enough information. The students are kind and friendly, but pride in the school has gone down in recent years. The facilities are top notch and a variety of AP and concurrent enrollment activities are offered. Our athletics are taken good care of, as well as the visual and fine arts programs. There are many clubs and everyone can find several places to belong when you make the effort to be kind yourself.
I really like everything about this district! The entire district is there for you and wants you to succeed. There is no way you can not understand anything that is taught to you here!
Honestly I haven't been in Logan for long. However, during the time that I had been, they had shown exceptional attributes. Many of the teachers I have had have been passionate about their jobs, and enjoyed what they were doing. The teachers focused on individual students, too. If you ever needed help, you could always ask them and they would help you.
Logan city school district is very good but I wish they were more accepting of the LGBTQ, students in my school that are part of this community don't feel accepted or wanted in the schools. I think schools should actually allow the community to express who they are and actually do something about the bullying that goes on.
I absolutely love this school. It provides the best help and advice to help me as a student here, to accomplish my goals and help me make it all the way to help me to graduate. I really appreciate this school so much.
The administration put a stop to many Logan High traditions that had been in place for many years before they were employed there which was disapointing
I have loved my time at Logan High so far, the teachers are outstanding and are always looking to further your education through means such as after school help. LHS is the most diverse school in the entirety of Cache Valley which lends credence to the idea that we have the most exchange of cultural ideals and values. One thing I would like to see change is for there to be more monitoring of our computers during school hours and more group project work.
Honestly, I really wouldn't recommend my high school to anyone because of how poorly they treated me with my learning disability's. The Administration didn't care if I was behind in my classes because I wasn't failing them. I pleaded with them for accommodations and they refused me many times, even after I received official diagnosis of dyslexia and ADHD. The superintendent told me "your so called disability has no educational impact." which was a load of lies and he knew it. My teachers on the other hand are the reason I was able to graduate because they did truly care about me! I spent a lot of after hours with them long after they where no longer getting paid.
I would like to see the teachers care a little more. There are some teachers that are there to just be there to make money & they don't really want to help the students.
Logan High has excellent faculty and administration. The teachers do seem like they care about the success of the students. They remodeled the school, that was hard to deal with during the school year. The school does look great now though. Logan High offers a wide range of classes from AP to Concurrent Enrollment through Weber and USU. Students also have the choice of taking classes at BATC which gives a good college experience and helps you decide what you want to do for the rest of your life with the diversity of classes you can choose from. This is why I give four out of five stars to Logan High.
I love how neat and orderly things are while still giving us a lot of room to breath. They give us opportunities and exciting and fun events. Sometimes they don't make the best decisions when hiring, but most of the time we have amazing teachers!!!
I really appreciate all the hard work teachers and administrators put forth for our children. All three attend in Logan, and I love working with the teachers at their schools and their willingness to listen and help.
The teachers are willing to help you in whatever way they can. There is a variety of AP and concurrent classes that are available to take.
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Logan city school district gave me the ability to believe that I can achieve what ever I set my mind to. I had teachers that cared about not only my education but my life personally. This is a great school district and never gives up on their students.
Logan City School district is a pretty great district. It provides plenty of opportunities to all within it's district. It's always trying to improve and better their schools and the community members within the district.
I overall like the learning experience at Logan City SD, although there are definitely areas that can be improved such as more competent teachers and a much friendlier atmosphere for different learning styles.
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