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I believe the LUSD district is a very good district because it has strict policies that everyone is supposed to follow, but the only problem is the maintenance of some of the schools. They are so old and kind of like falling apart in a way . Unlike some other schools in the LUSD district which are like brand new. They get almost painted every year and are in excellent condition. Otherwise the education is great!!!! OH almost forgot.... THE FOOD IS TERRIBLE. The district needs to do something to change that too.
After twelve years of being with Lodi Unified School District, I can say that I am grateful for the experiences and education this environment has given me. As I was applying to college I realized how much diversity mattered to me thanks to the demographics of my alma mater, Bear Creek High School. I recognized my high school teachers that let us have lunch in their rooms, stayed after school to give us guidance or extra help on homework, and the administration that always welcomed our questions and unique outlook on issues regarding various issues from athletics, our dress code, and even our academics. Although our athletes didn't win every game, our crowds were always filled with support from peers on and off our tennis courts, football field, and even the pool.
Lodi Unified District is always making sure their students are safe and successful. They provide the best school experience for everyone.
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I like lodi unified school district it help me a lot to be involve with my school and others in sports.
I like the Lodi Unified School District because they provided me many things that is very helpful in my life. Because of the district I am a math tutor who help other students and I enjoy it.
I went to the independence school in Lodi and had only an "okay" experience. The teachers were all kind to their students but I feel like I did not learn barely anything and when I did try to learn more, I felt like I had a hard time getting good grades because they base your entire grade off of only a few tests a year.
The district takes care of the students and provides good teachers and staff. However, the school I attend is mostly dirty (mainly due to students) and there are sometimes not enough classroom supplies for certain activities.
The food the school provide aren't very good. However the education they provide and skills are really good.
My experience with this school district is like any other district. The only thing I would like to see change are the standardized tests and more resources for students in order to help them perform at their best capabilities.
From Kindergarten to senior year, I was apart of the Lodi Unified School District. I attended elementary school and high school at a LUSD school and was able to get an amazing education. I believe that although the LUSD did have some problems, it still is an amazing and inspiring school district.
Lodi unified schools are always trying to be innovative, so much so they might allow student barrow chrome books. when I go to school I feel that my teachers actually want me to succeed and they make accommodations to make sure I do so.
Lodi high school is alright. The bullying is really bad though and admin doesn’t do much about it. I remember they told me that it was freedom of speech, what the kids were saying to me online. The school did nothing about it. Also it is a very racist school again the racist kids don’t get into trouble at all. My freshman year a black girl had milk spilled on her and told to get white she punched the guy who did that but only she got in trouble.
They were organized and always made sure that the environment was safe. They tried to make their schools feel like a second home and I enjoyed that about the district.
I like how LUSD is a giant melting pot of all races, cultures, and religions with no discrimination what so ever. I went to school in this district for high school and I loved it. The teachers prioritize their students first and try hard to get them through school towards a brighter future. I also like how they are getting rid of the textbooks and making them digital which takes a load of students, because they don't have to carry them everyday. By making schools incorporate digital devices LUSD is making our students have a better chance at succeeding and passing school .
Lodi USD has been a home to me for the past 13 years of my academics career. Through a series of 3 various schools within the district each one has offered me a new stage in life. While the district listens well to the concerns of parents and students, there needs to be a change in terms of facilities and materials offered to students and staff. Often times I find that the lack of motivation within students is within the attitude of their environment. At my high school, Lodi High, I am proud to say that I am very happy for the fact that I attended this school. From my perspective, I was given the support and navigation from teachers and staff to further find success here. It’s incredible how connected you can feel to everyone else when you are given the chances to do so. Here I feel like if you have the motivation and persuasion to obtain success in life there will be someone there to guide you. Not even that, but in times of distress, I really love how everyone can come together.
I have had some great AP teachers. My college major will be in Art, but my high school doesn't have a significant art program. Making friends was easy. No major safety issues came up. The area around the school is good. The facilities could use some updating.
As a Junior currently enrolled in Bear Creek High School I would like to acknowledge Bear Creek as a school that I am proud to be a part of. Our state test scores, so I've been told by my teachers, routinely surpass other schools in our district. I would say that a majority of the teachers working here genuinely care about the students and the students education.
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I like the availability of great academics in this school district. In middle school I was offered Pre-AP courses and took AVID. In high school, I am able to get my AA degree before I graduate and I am prepared for college. The school lunches are not all that great, and I do not remember having the ability to participate in sports in middle school. There were not very many clubs and activities to do either.
Lodi Unified School District is diverse and academically stimulating. I came from Lincoln Unified School District in elementary and middle school, then went to Middle College High School in Lodi Unified. I was surrounded by students who cared about education and wanted to learn. Students came from all backgrounds and accepted one another for the most part.
I like about Lodi district is the teachers how nice and funny they are. Along how much they care about your future goals and your plans for college.
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