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I loved the teachers working at Lodi High School because they were super involved in my life and how to improve it.
All the teachers are great and are willing to help you. And everyone is very welcoming. Everyone knows everybody.
Lodi high school is a very caring school that helps prepare students for life after high school. They make sure that every student understand the material of the subject before moving on. They keep the classes small so it's more one on one. Lodi has taught me that I am lucky to have enrolled in this enjoyable high school. The reason why I say lucky is because not every school has as many parents participate in our activities. I am very thankful to have gone to this wonderful high school.
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I liked the small class sizes and some of the teachers that actually care about how you're doing in school and are willing to help. On the other hand, some teachers don't care about how you're doing at all even if you try and talk to them, the principle pushes for the best for his sons grade (class of 2018) and will blow off the rest of the grades. They make a lot of problems that aren't actually problems and the everyone in the office other then the vice principle doesn't seem to enjoy their job.
The location and area of the school is perfect. The teachers are always willing and happy to help when you need them. The school is a very accepting environment for everyone. Academics are great as well as the sports teams. But the school population is not very diverse.
The Lodi School District has been a large impact of the person I am today. The teachers and staff are always willing to help the students. They strive for excellence, which is why we have so many AP, honors, and advanced classes to choose from. We have been on the AP honor roll multiple times, and have a large majority of students enrolled in AP classes. There isn't a lot of diversity within the students but mainly because Lodi is a small town just outside of madison. I would highly recommend this school district for anyone who's looking for a safe and fun learning environment.
The sporting events are a major part of school spirit in Lodi. Our teams have always been better than average and it is always a very bid deal to make it to state in any sport. I love how everyone knows each other in the school because of how small it is. It is a rural school, but it is great for becoming involved in extracurriculars and sports!
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