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I like the clubs and the strong relationships between teachers and students. The school spirit is great and it is a welcoming environment to everyone.
Lodi High School have became very diverse in the last years. Every year many nationalities are welcomed to Lodi High School. It bring such a warm feeling to see many different faces from many different countries.
The staff in Lodi's Public Schools contained this positive attitude in helping their students succeed. AP courses were always open for students, even throughout mid-way through the second marking period, as long as the individual caught up with his/her classmates. Another great thing about the public schools in Lodi, has to be the encouragement given to each and every student, whether it was a sport, AP course or simply catching up with their classmates, Lodi always wanted what was best for their students.
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My experience in Lodi High School was amazing. The students, teachers, sports made me enjoy my years there. Coming from a different type of school in New York, the environment really got into me and made me want to discover more about the school, I made a lot of friends throughout the years and I am so proud to have my education at Lodi High School.
Great place to learn. This district is where I started my education. I have gained many friends and knowledge in this area. The teachers are always helpful and understanding of any situations. One thing I love about Lodi public schools, is that they always support each other at any events we hold. We come together as one, which is always great.
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