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I liked that you have a lot of different class options to choose from. I would like to see upgrades to the cafeteria.
I liked that there were opportunities for me to take college courses while in high school. There were also many different types of courses to choose from. I played sports throughout high school, and liked the coaches as well. My guidance counselor was always available to help me with anything I needed, and played a big part in choosing Texas Christian University as my college. My brother is also in the school district, and needs some extra help in certain areas. I am grateful that the district has given him the resources he needs in order to not struggle and get through school with as much as ease as possible. The majority of the teachers have been wonderful, and teach the material in a way that is easy to understand. All in all, in June, I am going to be a happy graduate of Locusts Valley High School.
Locust Valley Central School District is a very good school with good sports programs and multiple club choices.
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I have enjoyed the years that i have spent in the locust valley school district because I have had a lot of great teachers throughout the years. The thing i would love to change would be to have healthier food options in the cafeteria and also have a dance program.
The whole Locust Valley school district is amazing. My son is in college now and my daughter already works, but I wish I have more younger children, so I could send them to Locust Valley school district.
If you want your kid to be in one of the best in US, so DONT WASTE any more time. Move in to Locust Valley or Bayville, NY school district.
I loved everything about Locust Valley. I'd like to see more options of classes available without them having and IB or AP connotation to them.
Lv is a great school in terms of academics. It's very highly ranked and better than most private schools around. Most people have decent school spirit and our football team usually does well. Our wrestling team is the strongest with multiple members making it to states annualy. We are majorly lacking on diversity but in Locust Valley that's expected. Overall I think it's a great education and a fine place to grow up.
I really enjoyed my experience at Locust Valley. We have a very good IB program which I hope will help me be college prepared. The teachers work very hard to push us through the college level courses and I think it will truly pay off in the end. Whenever I have needed a book, article or any source for my big papers and assignments I have always been able to receive help. One thing I would want to see change would be the emphasis on taking all IB classes. IB is stressful and difficult, it requires a lot of time outside of school. Taking more then one IB is hard to balance, students should be more appreciated for taking a few IB classes rather then being pushed into a full IB diploma. However, when preparing for college, applying to schools and applying for scholarships my guidance office and school have been such a great help. I would recommend this school to other students.
My experience at Locust Valley Central School District is one I could only say good things about. I have never felt more at home than walking through the halls of these schools. Looking back, I would proudly say my experience is very different from many of those I know at different schools. The teachers are more than caring, their objective is to have you meet your full potential. While life seemed pretty easy at LVCSD, we learned to our full potentials and were constantly being positively challenged by everyone around us. There is a special sense of belonging at LVCSD, a type where everyone is friends with everyone. It is the most amazing feeling seeing classmates and faculty in and out of school and striking up easy conversation. The sports are fun, the food is fine and the resources available thanks to community parents and the administration is superb.
The Locust Valley Central School District was a great school system for the years that I attended. From kindergarten to fifth grade, I was given second to none schooling by educated, enthusiastic teachers. All of my teachers were attentive and caring in every way. Although I no longer attend any of the Locust Valley Central School District schools, the district does provide me the textbooks and workbooks that are needed for my school. The district is very organized and has rarely made a mistake on anything. Overall, Locust Valley Central School District has done a great service to my family over the past 14 years.
Locust Valley Central School District is a great place to learn! They offer amazing oppertunities and I am so glad I got the chance to study here!
My experience in the LVCSD has been a positive one. Most of the teachers are caring and helpful beyond the classroom. They're willing to make time for extra help when needed & strive for every student to succeed.
I think that the administration has good intentions in their agenda. However, there is too much emphasis on what courses and programs are being offered and not enough emphasis on how the teachers will EFFECTIVELY implement them. I was never in the regents classes, only advanced, so I can't say how teachers were at that level but overall students are generally determined. There is a glaring lack of diversity which has definitely impacted the students. There are some who walk away cultured if they try to do a lot outside of school but many leave not just LV, but the area feeling that they are superior and entitled because of where they come from.
The academic are good. There are many teachers that help. There are many activities after and during school hours. The school is very safe, there are many security guards. The food is okay, we get bagels form the local bagel cafe. Some parents are involved, but not many
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