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To be honest I would give that school no stars they are sexist, racist and punish the kids that are the victims of bullies they creep on the young girls and if your not popular you are ignored and mistreated, to this school sports are everything. Teachers who dislike you will fail you. Once my best friend made a hundred on a physical science test while I had a fifty when we compared answers so I could see what was the answer after a night of studying hard I had the same answers as my friend we confronted the teacher and she said that I was an ungrateful cheater and unappreciative of the grade I received out of the "kindness" of her heart when I sit right beside her and I in fact had not cheated and never did. She had in fact knew that I hadn't cheated and when I asked if I could see the principle about this matter she threatened to write me up and send me to in school detention if I ever spoke of this matter again.
It’s your typical small town high school where everybody knows everybody. The classes are relatively easy, you just have to put in the work. The teachers want to see you succeed. The students are somewhat decent, it really just depends on the student. Overall, Locust Grove high school is pretty average. It’s not great, but it’s also not terrible. I would send my children here when I have children.
My experience at locust grove schools were good all the years that attended them. One thing that I would request would probably be that the books and a couple of other utilities that need to be updated.
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Teachers are very nice, small school everyone knows everyone, I would like to see a change in finding the best teachers and not put a stop to hiring teachers that are not the best.
I loved being involved with all of the activities and extra curricular clubs. FFA was my go to and I am absolutely thankful for he opportunity the school gave us to be apart of something that helps you build leadership skills, and communication skills.
Teachers interact with you one on one if you need it. Very understanding. We have exciting events every month and has great clubs and social events.
I loved Locust Grove Schools because the teachers and staff are friendly and they work with you to reach your goals. I was a part of athletic program and worked with some amazing coaches that coached you to play the game but also coached you life lessons. I learned a lot from these people and they have a huge part in my life and I appreciate everything they did for me.
Overall it is a great learning environment. The teachers are extremely helpful and always do their best to push you to high goals. They have a variety of extracurricular activities and our schools take them seriously, always excelling in sports. I would like to see more recognition for the archery team and arts department. It would be nice if representatives from colleges came to speak to us, also more hands-on learning activities.
Some teachers are good, it is not a good school though. The academics are awful, does not prepare you for college really, and doesn't have AP classes. The community is okay though, and some of the teachers are amazing as long as they are not a coach.
In my experience at Locust Grove High School, I have enjoyed the quality of education I have received and the relationships that I have built with my fellow students and the schools staff. Things that I would like to see change are the standards we hold all of our teachers to and there needs to be a better flow for students walking through the halls, they always get overcrowded.
I do not find this school likeable at all. The children are born and raised racist and homophobic and afraid of change. In the years that I've been a student at LG Public schools, the value of the teachers has dropped drastically. I would like to see this school change by caring less about their sports programs and incorporate more art programs.
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