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The teachers and faculty at Lockport are very good with helping students and getting them on the right track. However, the food could be better.
3 out of 5 for academic reasons and for dealing with their no bully policy. I have been bullied on numerous occasions and the teachers did nothing about it. There is no parent involvement whatsoever in the schools and that should be changed. Bring your own lunch to school. Food is often severely undercook or overcook and they freeze their milk when you're not suppose to freeze milk, making the milk bad in the process. The school district couldn't make enough money that eventually everyone got a free or reduced lunch in the entire district for the first time two years ago. There is also a lead problem that the school doesn't seem want to fix. It was even on the news that the lead content in the drinking water at local schools in Western New York has reached the beyond the lead limit and is considered unsafe to drink. Many students began bringing their own drinks to their classes.
A small district in a blue collar rust belt town (former GMC Auto stronghold). With the city rebranding itself as a tourist destination (Erie Canal, Underground Railroad, Niagara Wine Trail, junior hockey league tournaments, etc.) and technology hub (Challenger Learning Center, Yahoo Headquarters), the district is trying to stress education as a gateway to success instead of the lesser man's option to the rigors of industrial work. Unfortunately, most families still struggle with income, which puts them at a disadvantage when educating students & parents on college preparedness.
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Above average public school system. Nothing special. Nice teachers and staff. Very safe schools. Attended Lockport High School for 4 years. DId not attend any public elementary schools. Teachers at the high school have been pretty good. Some are amazing, some not so much. Food is edible. Not great. I pack lunch most days to avoid eating the school food. Food is free, however, so you can't complain too much. Lots of clubs and activities to get involved in. Sports teams are either great or awful. Not much in between. Great music program. A very safe school with new procedures to ensure the safety of students and staff. Would recommend.
Safe fun enviroment! I would recommend people to attend Lockport High School because I feel safe, and gain the proper education I deserve. I am a senior here and maintain over a 94 average.
I like that every teacher provides opportunity for their students, no matter how hard it can get for them.
It's a free atmosphere where there is a group for everyone. I think our school could benefit from an upgrade on the money spent towards sports facilities and equipment.
It's got good class options but very divided. Teachers are pretty engaged but they also have distinct personality and do end up favoring kids. The building is mostly remodeled so they look good, but water fountains are always broken.
I would like to see more of a concern with cultural issues and more diversity in staff because it was very limited and caused certain issues that would have never been experienced if the administration was more diverse and understanding
The teachers are very friendly and approachable. The faculty lacks diversity. Athletics are very impressive however many teams go unappreciated despite how good they may be. The music department is definitely among the top programs in the state. Lack of funding for it is sad. So many lives are changed for the better because of the music department yet our school district fails to give it adequate funding to keep it running.
The teachers are dedicated and always ready to help. You can go to the library after school to study. There's a ton of AP classes and extra curriculars, a ton of opportunities. There's a lot of technology used for learning including castle learning and google classroom, and that's really convenient.
We love the teachers in our daughters school. They are so willing to lend a listening ear when needed. We have never had a problem at all.
I like the friends and memories I've made these past 13 years. I like the opportunities we have in and out of the classroom. The arts and theatre program is very strong, but we could use better coaches and field vaccinaties for sports.
My teachers really prepared me for college. My counselors really helped me with applying to colleges and making sure that I was involved with the correct activities.
Great atmosphere and teachers are very engaged and helpful. The teachers here are always willing to help if you're struggling and never leave a student behind if they are not understanding. They do all they can to get you to pass and succeed in life. So many life lessons have been learned while attending Lockport High school
I have been attending Lockport High School for four years. The very best thing about this District is its teachers! They are there for YOU! I have always felt comfortable seeking out help, advice or just spending my study hall with various teachers throughout my lifetime of attending this District. I am a member in the Forum school yearbook and this also affords me more insight into the School District and how it's run. I feel very lucky to have had the chance to attend Lockport Schools for my entire academic career and would not hesitate to recommend the Lockport School District to new incoming residents.
Overall I enjoyed my experience her. Nice teachers and students. I would like to see the quality of some teachers amp up a lot more.
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All the teachers that I had while I studied there were helpful and very understanding. The principal is the best principal I ever had! Every time I needed help on something or just simply a question, he was always available to speak with me. The counselors were great as well. My counselor in particular, helped me graduate early from there and I did! They have a great spirit and are always willing to help you in every step of the way.
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