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Lockhart Independent School District Reviews

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What I love about Lockhart High School, is we are such a loving community. We all treat each other like family. We are a very friendly community
It is an average school where the normal school things happen but there is diversity among the students.
It is a relaxed school and they are not very strict in terms of rules. However, they do have pretty good fine arts program and have nice facilities for both fine arts and athletics.
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Lockhart ISD is a sad and confused district which makes poor decisions on many things including but not limited to their choice in staff, their approach to academics, and the food fed to students.
At LHS we are able to take Dual Credit classes. I love having this opportunity so that I can get a head start on my college credit hours.
I transferred from a very small school to Lockhart high school (which was much larger than where I was before) and it was a very different change for me. It was different because there were more students, faculty, and classes offered. I liked seeing a more diverse student population, but at the same time the more students there are the more problems that could arise. Teachers were usually extremely nice and tried their best to help the students succeed. There were also a ton of cool classes that had certifications offered which was a valuable tool for students to use. Core classes however (like math/reading) did not prepare me for college as well as they could have. I also played sports and our team was very close, the coaches did great jobs coaching and ensuring the advancement of students. Compared to my old school, Lockhart high school had more opportunity to offer which is why I am glad I graduated from Lockhart.
The school is mediocre at best. The teachers never stay, and administration is awful. They don't know how to properly interact with children, nor do they understand how to effectively run a school.
Lockhart high school does not prepare students for college or a future. Teachers lack professional experience and are underqualified. Many teachers do not understand the subject they are teaching and do not teach their classes properly. Sports programs here are awful and coaches barely understand their sport.
I love the teachers at this school, but i cant say the same for the administration. The school rules are loose and not enforced, which really makes the environment not safe or comfortable.
Lockhart as a school district has the average mix of teachers, some quite good. They have a wide range of clubs, and after-school activities to offer to students. As well as, a nice new and upgraded high school campus. The high school also offers three different options for advance placement courses. AP, ACC, and On-Ramps.
The developing band program has made an outstanding come back this year by making it to the area marching competition to see who makes it to state. We have rewrote history in doing this since the 1900s.
My experience at Lockhart High School was the average high school experience. I personally think Lockhart High School is a pretty good school, My overall experience at Lockhart High School was a good one. Although a handful of teachers try to actually do their jobs and prepare their students for college and the outside world, there are still incidents regarding safety and inappropriate teacher and student relationships that give Lockhart High School a bad name.
Lockhart was a nice school that seemed to be complained about a lot. I enjoyed my time there and the teachers especially. Of course, like any other school, there were some teachers that could use a little more training or could care a little more about what they did to prepare their students for exams. However, my experience overall was good.
I liked the small number of students while i was attending because that allowed for more personalized learning. I disliked the focus on enforcing the rules of lesser importance to the ones they did not enforce.
Great district! Lockhart is focused on ensuring every kid is challenged, healthy, engaged, safe, and supported. In my experience the teachers work very hard to make sure all kids are learning.
I love lockhart high school. Its a small country town with ties with the community. But there are some downsides to this school. The facilities aren't that great. i mean i can only go to a number of select bathrooms because the doors are ripped off of every stall in 2 of the bathrooms and its goes for the girls restroom as well. The lower class-men are very inconsiderate. They through trash in the hallways, food also and they don't contact any principles or janitors.
Lockhart Independent School District help me grow not only by a person but a student. I learned extreme amount of stuff that will benefit me for my future. I would only change the campus out line with the construction everywhere is a distraction.
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The schools are in dire need of repair for past 20 years. More money spent on football and very little on academics. Very poor district.
I loved Lockhart High School. Despite normal high school drama, I loved going to school every day and being able to interact with the faculty on a daily basis. Everyone is so friendly, and each school has a mission to prepare its students for a greater future. I was a part of Lockhart's Independent School district from Kindergarten through my senior year, I learned so much and created great friendships throughout my time spent at school.
My experience was okay. I was only here for a year and a half, but from what I noticedthe students parents are very involved, but many of the teachers are only remotely. The administration tried, but were definitely slacking in areas.
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