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Llano Independent School District Reviews

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What I liked about Llano independent school district is the administration here are great. They do everything they can to make our life here in high school the best it can be. The teachers here are also great because they are beneficial when you ask questions. Some things that I would like to see a change here is the lunch menu. We have chicken every day. Whether it be chicken sandwich, chicken nuggets or some other chicken.
This tight-knit community that is a very religious place and promotes thorough and academic education. Along with education, this districts also promotes students to challenge themselves in extra activities such as sports or music, along with those, other kids can express their passion for art and the theatre as well. With this school, nobody is left behind with excellent transportation standards that allow kids who are not as fortunate to make it to practices, performances, and meetings. Overall, this school is a well-rounded achievement from its excellent staff to how the school cares about their students and their future.
Llano high school is a wonderful environment, such as working with teachers who care for our education, the development of our truest individuality , and last our future that stands beside us. What could they could improve on is the food variety, more electives, and more access to a portable home hotspot .
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Llano is an excellent school to attend and according to the U.S and World Report News, Llano high school is one of the best schools in Texas. I take great pride in calling myself a Llano jacket, so does many others in this small town, united school of Texas. Our teachers and staff members are wonderful and really care about the students here. The Llano Student Council is an outstanding organization that cares about the community and student body. something truly amazing to see is the football games, watching the Llano jackets fight and make it to the playoffs every year is something that will never get old.
Llano High is a very well rounded school while we do have some issues in the in this is a great school to be a part of. Our school is very community oriented and our school helps give back to the community. I consider myself lucky to be in a school where the only concern I have are my grades.
I'm going to give my school 4 stars it not 5 stars. We are not cleanest school. There only a few teachers who don't care. Other then the few they are willing to teach.
At llano I felt like I received an above par education! My over all experience was one I would want my own child to experience. In the llano school district, teachers take pride in the education of their students. School honestly was a place I did not mind going to, everyone was rather friendly and making friends was not difficult at all. Of any school in the state of Texas, the only school I would do it all over again would have to be the Llano school district!
The school is safe. The teachers are great. The facilities are absolutely disgusting. The students can be judgmental but they are nice for the most party.
Llano is a tight knit community in a very small town. While that is good for the students who have live there a long time, for new students it can be very challenging. There were a lot of cliques and popularity contests to compete with. One thing I did enjoy was the band program, which provided me with an automatic hard working family. I would've appreciated more support shown towards each other among the different activities groups, especially towards band. The teachers of Llano are devoted and caring, easy to relate with and they strive for close relationships with students.
Llano has nice teachers who care about their students. They don't have as many opportunities as I would like but it is still a nice school.
I have been in the Llano School District for my education since Kindergarten. I love the community aspect of the district and how I can always find a familiar face. All of the teachers and administrators are always there to help with everything and give helpful advice.
Llano was a good experience for me and everyone was super fun. Not only was every student involved and all came together as a big family. The teachers are very caring and take care of their students as best they can. I'm blessed to be able to have gone to a high school like Llano.
I love being able to wake up knowing I'm coming to clean and smiling environment. I also love my peers as whole, some may have their bad days, but the fact that everyone is friends with everyone makes Llano High Schools and environment everyone wants to come to.
This year will be my fourth year attending Llano High School and I am proud of my school. Coming from a small town, there's not much else to talk about but each other, but that's just how small towns are. I believe no one wants to see the good in this school. We have been very successful in in our academics, with students going to state for their in competitions and our intelligent teachers contribute greatly to our success. Teachers are able to become friends with their students very easily and help push them to their limits, almost always guaranteeing improvement and success.
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