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Livonia Public Schools School District Reviews

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This school is such a great school. I learned more what I could before I even transfer from my old district. It’s a good learning environment but their dangerous people around and people who bully people in few amounts
Livonia Public Schools are top notch!! Very safe schools with great teacher and college ready curriculum. The community is very involved in all aspects of the school from sports to clubs and academics. Teachers are very devoted and easily accessible for assistance.
I really liked the teachers they hired and feel as though they really did they're best with what they had when it comes to preparing my class for college.I really wish the guidance counselor would've helped more when it came to college and was more positive.I did not really understand scholarships and fast until this year and mind you i graduated 20116
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I like the environment and the atmosphere of my school. I’ve evolved as a student at Churchill Highschool and in the future I will like to further my education and go to college so that I can follow my dream into working in the technology business. The teachers in Livonia Public Schools are very helpful and kind. I also play sports such as basketball and track, so I’m a student athlete basically
Livonia Public Schools is a wonderful school with staff who really care about students. While it is not perfect, it is evident that everyone cares a lot about success and learning. There are numerous resources available to students, lots of fun activities and clubs, and a generally nice atmosphere.
I liked the teachers, and involvement they have in my education. They offer interesting classes and they will help me with preparing for the work force and college. I feel generally safe there and feel I wont get hurt while im there
Livonia public schools offer a very safe, dependable community for public schools. There's different types of schools for different types of learners. There's schools for the academically talented, immersion schools, and overall a very good learning environment wherever you choose to attend.
I loved Livonia Public Schools! They are so involved in really making sure students succeed and are looking out for the best interest of students. My whole school career was at LPS and I loved it all! Great community feel and a great district to be apart of!
Livonia is a very student orientated school district. They allow for great programs such as the career intern program!
After graduating in 2015, it seems as though the LPS district has taken a turn. My time at the school was wonderful. I was provided with the necessary resources to help me apply to colleges, as my parents did not help me at all. I also felt like the education was exceptional for me, however, I was in all advanced or "AP"classes and feel like those who were not in these type of classes did not receive the greatest education.
I loved attending this school. The teachers are super friendly and helpful and really do their best to prepare you for the future, not just the final. The only complaint I have is the food. The lunchroom food is awful and the healthy options are minimal. They even got rid of their fruit as a side and replaced it with dried berries.
As a African-American student in a white school, I can say some days where good and some days where bad. I can't say it was a horrible experience but it has taught me of the stress I will have to endure in a white world as a black man. My educational experience is top-notched, so I guess that puts the school district up in ranks.
I like the class size & the variety of classes and extracurricular activities. Most of the sports programs do pretty well but most of the money is spent on the football programs & not enough on other sports.
Great school. The teachers are very eager to teach. I am lucky to have had the chance to go to Livonia public schools my whole life.
I’ve gone to LPS for my entire education since kindergarten and it has been a great experience since day 1. The teachers are knowledgeable and supportive. My brother has autism and has been in the center program with LPS since first grade. The center program staff are wonderful and work with parents to create the best environment possible for each and every child. There are an outstanding amount of opportunities for work with peers. I have participated in both the ACAT program and the MSC program which are both challenging curriculums that helped to prepare me for more rigorous courses in the future, which I am very great full for.
Great school programs. Lots to explore go through. Made tons of friends through this school district and wouldn't have wanted it any other way. This school district is awesome.
The school system was able to see at young age my learning disabilities and helped me throughout the course of education understand and how to cope within the general student population
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SHS is a very average school. Horrible wake up times, basic academics. They do have an option for a mix of online school and regular school, so that is really neat. They accommodate illnesses well, whether it be mental or physical.
Great school, the teachers amd staff are awesome. The kids are nice and respectful, they tach no bullying. They have a lot of sports amd after school activities to keep the kids busy. They have agreat group of kids that are in the bamd and the performing arts. They have many place through out the year.
I think the administration could be more lenient because some of the rules in the schools make no sense and they often don't call snow days which is not safe for the student because many of the upper classmen have to drive and can often be caught in an accident.
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