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We were here for 13 years. Nothing is done about bullying and sometimes the victim is blamed and penalized for it. There are bully teachers even in the elementary grades. Parents live vicariously through their kids in sports, including parent-coaches, which show favoritism for their own kids. If you weren't born there, you're treated as unwelcomed outsiders. There are a lot of snobby natives that feel that it's "their" school district because they were born there and went to school there, and you and your kids are left to feel unwanted and inferior, despite the fact that we're an upper middle-class family. It's a very small-minded, sheltered, closed, unenlightened farming community. If other parents see you around town, they act like they don't know you. We would participate in fundraisers and parties, if we were invited at all, and anything we provided, such as food for the parties, even if store-bought, would go shunned and untouched, as if somehow tainted. We stayed WAY too long.
Livonia has become a second home to me! I look forward to making new experiences with my friends and teachers. The music programs have especially made an impact on my life. My favorite part of every day has been playing in our school's jazz ensemble. Furthermore, the musicals have allowed me to grow out of my shell, and to be a more confident person. I do wish they would provide more opportunities for kids to recycle and be greener, but overall, Livonia has provided me with a solid foundation for my future.
I struggled with not having many friends for a while, but the teachers there were always so kind and involved in our lives. It is a bit outdated as well, there. Positive classroom environment and learning experience.
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The faculty at Livonia is amazing. All throughout my years at school here I have been surrounded by extraordinary teachers and coaches and other staff members. The staff at Livonia want the best for every student.
They care about us and treat us like family no matter if you make the wrong choice.. This is the best school anyone could go to.
Livonia has a caring staff, good facilities, and opportunities for advanced students as well as support for those that may fall behind. The quality of the students is varying. While there are many students striving to do well in school, there are also many students who would rather be anywhere else. There are also many cliques in Livonia. Livonia is a small school district, but there are many opportunities that one cannot find in other neighboring schools. Our sports are quite successful as well. Though funding for various sports is uneven (for example, teams like soccer and football receive special attention as well as many "free-passes" out of situations due to the parents/teachers behind them while sports like swimming do not. Or they are provided with expensive renovations that are unnecessary without the input or consent of the sports team on better ways to spend the money) Livonia's athletic success is tremendous.
I love the teachers and the community. I have attended Livonia since i pre-school, and throughout that time there have only been one or two teachers that I did enough having taught me. didn't like how prominent cliques in livonia are though.
Although the school is very rural and small the classes and teachers are wonderful. I was never a part of any drama so I don't think it was ever more than normal teenage drama. The teachers were all very nice and genuinely cared about what they taught and their students. The athletic department was very good and getting better every year. The same for the music department.
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