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The academics are great in the Livingston school district and it has really been a wonderful experience learning not only material but valuable life lessons as well. All of the teachers and great and make learning fun and interesting!
Livingston Public Schools is very prestigious. You are granted with the excellent education it promises that will prepare you for life after high school. However, I feel that there could have been more effort shown to care about each individual student. For a school system with such high expectations and large workloads, I would expect there to be more concern with students' mental health and personal issues.
They offer a lot of electives in their high school. They offer a lot of sports and clubs for everyone.
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Livingston Public Schools is an excellent school system that allows you to proceed in your life, teaching you new things every day and making you a better person because of it. You may not like school when you are in it at the moment, but you never know how good you have it at Livingston until you're already out. Livingston gives you the freedom to make your own decisions, whether they be good or bad, and for me, the freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted.
Livingston Public schools was a great experience for me growing up. It was able to help me grow in many different ways and understand more about different cultures other than my own do to the different diversities within the area. The teachers and faculty within the school system is 100% devoted for you to become the best you can be and they try their hardest to make sure you succeed at the end of the day.
Livingston High School has been a great place to spend the last 4 years. I have really enjoyed my teachers and their willingness and commitment to make sure I understand all the material. I also love the opportunity to learn in a "not so conventional' way in some of my classes. It's not just the teacher lecturing - we have real conversations about certain topics, or re enact certain historical scenarios, or crime scenes for forensic science - most of the teachers made the lesson plans relatable for teenagers. Using current trends and areas of interest to make the learning experience more engaging. The teachers seem to really care - and I have establish a wonderful rapport with each and every one of them. I feel Livingston has really provided me with the resources to really succeed in college.
I liked how teachers went out of there way to help you. They guided you through everything and offered many programs. They also treated the school like a college so the transition between high school and college wasn't that bad. What i would like to see them change is offer more opportunities for people to voice them selfs. I feel like there was a huge gap between the students and the Higher end staff.
The academics here are really good but it has less diversity. The fact that you get drugged tested for sleeping in class is what I would like to change because not everybody does drugs in the school
I don't like the fact that falling asleep can cause you to get you drug tested. I don't think its fair that only the guys have their bathroom checked but girls don't.
Excellent high school. They have very professional and competent teachers and a very wide variety of elective programs as well as academic programs. The school is highly rated for ACT/SAT scores. Great sports programs. The environment for students to learn is really supportive and enriching. The staff and faculty are super nice to help each individual learn accordingly to what's best comfortable for them. Amazing school to prepare you for the next chatni rep your life.
Livingston High School provides students with various types of classes such as Personal Finance, TV Production, Family Child & Development, Public Speech & Debate, Astronomy, Natural Disasters and more. As an 11 season sport athlete, The sports team are great and you develop great chemistry and friendships with students from all different grade levels. The School has almost 100 different clubs to join and the student to teacher ratio is amazing. The Teachers know how to compromise and work well with the students. Livingston High School has provided me with a great education and an amazing high school experience that I truly will never forget.
I am a sophomore at livingston high school and i love it here!
most of my teachers are amazing and the diversity is also extraordinary.
we have any club or after school activity imaginable and every student gets to participate it whatever they want.
This school offers a lot of choices as far as classes and contains very supportive teachers. They offer a wide array of classes in each field of study. Teachers are always around after school, assisting students and participating in activities. Students at our school strive to be the best they can.
Children are well prepared each year. A lot of work is expected. The
School district spends a lot of money on resources and teachers receive regular trainings. One of the better school districts in the state.
I loved the many opportunities for electives, especially in the high school. I was able to take many technology related classes that not all schools offer - TV production, robotics, web design, just to name a few. LHS also has a fencing team, which was important to me.
Livingston Public Schools provide high education that prepares students for standardized tests. The staff is welcoming and challenging, encouraging students to try their best.
Very good teachers with a heavy emphasis on AP tests and the future of students. However while this is generally a good thing it becomes overbearing at times, the majority of the high school students are stressed beyond belief because of all the weight of college being present at all times. Students are lucky to be at such an academically good school yet sometimes it becomes frustrating to see how focused people are on college for they don't live in the moment.
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Livingston Public Schools is an amazing district. Most of the teachers I've had were amazing, except for a couple of duds that hold the district back for me. The facilities are top notch, including two industry-standard TV Studios, large classrooms for most, if not all, teachers, and a large devotion to STEM.
I thought Livingston Public Schools greatly prepared me for college, and although the administration is strict at times, I got an opportunity to connect with intelligent and wonderful professors.
The Livingston Public Schools system is one of the best school systems in New Jersey. The teachers are outstanding and everything from the courses offered to the amount of work given is reminiscent to college academics- that being said, LPS really does prepare you for college.
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