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I am a student at Walker High School, and our school has every opportunity for all students to succeed at anything they want to. The only thing that I would like to see change is better teachers at specific subjects. My school is always seeking new ways to help it's students find what fits them best. Our faculty is always striving for greatness and to help everyone as much as possible.
There were many opportunities at Walker High school for many different pathways . The only thing that would make it better is if teachers were more motivated to do their job and if they were more enthusiastic. For the most part , the experience was good.
My experience at Springfield High School has been incredible over the past four years. I was always worried about high school and how it would be because even when I was much younger I knew that that was an important time in someones life. When I moved schools from Tangipahoa Parish and into Livingston Parish, I started to notice a difference in the system. The school just seemed better to me. The students were nicer, the teachers seemed more equipped to educate the students and connected with us on many levels. Not only the school, but the whole parish seem to be one big community, and that’s what I love about this school system.
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I love the fact that everything is more personable than most parishes, but I think sometimes the administration focuses on the small things that don’t really matter rather than the important things.
The district is full of bright young students and most of them are very kind however, the teachers are a little sketchy and not very reliable. Excluding the music instructors. Those guys are fantastic. This one time though I had a French teacher that just left for all of French two. They expected us to teach ourselves French two. We still received a final and we never actually had a real French teacher for that class. It was an awful experience.
I like that Livingston Parish Schools give students multiple opportunities to peruse at a young age the choice of career path by classes such as CNA, JROTC< and the Tech center.
LPPS is quite resourceful, offers a variety of useful opportunities, GREATLY stresses importance of education, very helpful to students deciding post high school plans, and is overall a positive school system.
Love the small class ratio and the one on one each student has with the teacher if needed. The staff is very helpful and fast to answer any questions that I may have had as a Senior getting ready for High School graduation and preparing myself for college in the fall 2018. The things they do as a whole to celebrate test scores and good behavior is wonderful. They do know hoe to get a student to wanna do the best they can and strive to be the best they can. I hope all the schools in Livingston Parish are as great as Maurepas High School.
Being a student in the Livingston Parish Public School System has taught me how to interact with a multitude of people and opinions.
Livingston parish is alright. There food is not the best, except the chicken nuggets, mash potatoes, and Mac and cheese. The teachers and very involved in the class room, and are willing to assist the needs of students out of school hours! There are many clubs offered so students can find one that’s right for them, or more than one. The sports coaches are so nice and always motivating there team. The students who fill the schools around the parish are very inclusive and not much bullying happens.
Livingston Parish is a great school district. I attended Live Oak High School, which is one of the best schools. The teachers are very caring and concerned about their students and their success. We have a great sports program, football, baseball,field and track,etc. We also have great clubs to participate in. I was interviewed and accepted into the Reach Club, we work with special needs students. The overall atmosphere at my high school is amazing. We have scheduled school activities throughout the year that involve everyone. I truly enjoyed my high school experience at Live Oak High School.
We are a small School with a big heart. We have had state champions in weight lifting this last year along with a great singer, (Lane Hardy) who appeared on American Idol. Lots of wonderful & caring teachers. who go the extra mile to help you with any problems you may be having. We have a small but very talented athletic bunch of players. Guys are big on Basketball & baseball. And our girls are outstanding in softball
I am a graduating senior at Denham Springs High School. I have been involved in athletics for the 4 years as well as I have participated in many clubs and activities. I have taken honors and AP level classes while participating multiple sports and maintaining a 3.78GPA. I feel that livingston parish schools are great at preparing students for the next level.
What can we make better...the school is still recovering from the flood of 2016 and we still need supplies, computers etc. I hope that the coming classes will be able to enjoy the recovery of what was lost.
Safe schools with teachers that typically care very much for their students. Good environments for learning. Have decent AP programs at some schools. Not competitive with private or magnet schools.
The students are ready for college when graduating from Live Oak High School. This is a very small community so everyone sticks together. Also, the schools within this parish are very competitive when it comes to scores.
Our leaders and teachers seem to really care about the students and want what's best for us. They consistently help us to become successful.
I like the activities we do. Like special olympics and going to football games. I also like these schools because my friends go there. Everyone is pretty nice.
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When I moved here it was my third grade year and immediately I had made friends that are still with me today. Also there are so many groups that you can join so you will easily fit in.
I attend Live Oak High School, and it is a very fine place to learn. Teachers and faculty work with you to ensure you have a great experience.
You really get to be part of a group in the schools. For some groups you become like family. You will be accepted into some group iname the school.
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