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Livingston Independent School District is located in my home town of Livingston, which doesn’t only give you the small town feel, but actually is a small town! Classes are not crammed with students, and elective choices are overwhelmingly available.
Teachers care about the success and future of Livingston ISD students. Many academic, vocational, and fine arts programs provide preparation for success in career fields of students.
My experience in Livingston High School has been great. The four years that I have been in this school, I have had many great experiences and opportunities. I feel that what they try to teach us here is a way to prepare us for our future. They require us to take classes in order to graduate, which I find reasonable because those classes teach us what we will need in our future lives.
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During my experience here at Livingston High School, I liked how close everyone was. When someone is down a complete stranger that you don't even know will come up to you, sit beside you and just chat to try and help you feel better, Sure my peers have fights sometimes, But were a big family a new student? Well don't worry here you'll be welcomed with open arms and quickly find a group to hang out with. I will miss making new friends, Doing pep-rallys and watching everyone have fun.
I was able to go to Livingston ISD my entire life. this school has taught me hard-work and dedication. this school is the place to be as the environment is great and the whole system is great
My experience at Livingston Independent School District has been overall Decent. The faculty and administration are very good. Its a diverse campus and welcomes all that come.
Livingston ISD is a district in East Texas that offers a lot of endorsements and wide range of activities to do throughout your education. A main thing I would want to change about the school is that to add higher education programs in the high school.
My favorite thing about LISD was the staff and community. All teachers and staff were very welcoming and helpful towards all students will long to learn.
Something I would love to see changed or improved would be the cheating atmosphere. This environment should take cheating more seriously and be more harsher on those that cheat no matter the assignment.
Livingston Independent School District has employed the use of Chromebooks that have allowed students to become engaged with technology in the classroom. Though Livingston does not offer the best sports programs, students involved with the team's feel as though they are part of family and are encouraged to do their best no matter what. Livingston High School has a recognized Student Council that is actively involved in and out of the classroom.
Livingston High School is a subpar school but It gets the job done. There is very little challenge or inspiration in the teacher.
All four years of my high school experience at Livingston High School, I made many friends and had lots of fun. I was in marching band and had the best time of my life. My senior year was the best year out of them all because we got a new band director and he taught us so many things. My teachers cared so much about us and I really felt like I learned great things there. I go every now and then to visit my former band director and meet some of the kids in his band now and tell them how lucky they are to have such a wonderful band director. The Livingston community is very close knit and they care for their kids and community. It's a great place to put your child in school.
One of the best aspects of Livingston is the small town community. There are so many friendly faces everywhere you go to help you with your education. They offer dual credit to assist you in starting college, and are always helping you when you have questions about going to college. There are some teachers that start their career here, so not all are experienced or quite know what they're doing, but many are always hardworking and teach well in the classroom.
The Livingston Independent School District is one of the most loving, caring, and supportive districts I know. The school is clean most of the time, and the teachers are magnificent! I have been in this district since kindergarten and I have loved every minute of it. I am proud to call LISD my home.
In Livingston, the funding is poor, community support is only existent in sports, resulting in academic suffering. This has limited my potential learning through challenges that teachers and administration can not over come. For the most part, the teachers at LHS are hard working, putting kids first. Great clubs including the Texas recognized student council, a result. Overall, LISD and as well as LHS has done the best with little funding and support.
My experience at Livingston High School has been great. I would do a few changes in the dress code. I've came in contact with a lot of good teacher, that have left an impact on me.
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