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I would like to see the school become more diverse and student oriented. The staff did not always put the students first.
Wonderful teachers who genuinely care for their students. Students are given individual attention/instruction during both the regular school day and in after-school tutoring programs.
I am a sophomore and this school has always had a big problem about bullying. You report it and nothing will happen. You see it in the hallways everyday, even the staff will bully each other. Funny thing is they are supposed to be good roll models for the students. We have a lot of problems and I have tried a lot of things. Also the school has a spending habit, instead of buying us new books or desks, they spend it on worthless stuff like useless furniture, toys, etc. Nothing a high school student would need. We are behind compared to the school districts around us. The test scores are not that good and the people are immature too. Some students don't even get challenged and some don't even need the education they receive (not smart enough in the classes they got put in.) This school needs help. An actual change and majority of these workers need to be fired.
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The best part about attending Livingston County Public Schools is that it is a small-town school. Everyone knows of one another and you get a chance to get close with all of the teachers.
Livingston County Public Schools is a great school district if you are looking for a small school. I love the fact we do not have very many students so we are all very close. The only downfall is that we do not offer middle college or very many dual credit classes which is a disadvantage because students from other schools get to graduate with their Associate's Degree already completed whereas Livingston County students do not.
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