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Livingston Board of Education School District Reviews

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In general, I would say this school is challenging. Even if you take CP, the classes are really hard: this is mainly because of the teachers who bombard the students with homework and assessments. This caused me a lot of stress because it got really overwhelming really quickly since it all piles up. However, if you take advantage of it the academics are really great although it is really competitive. Something also of note is the student body. This school is very cliquey which makes it hard to make friends and maintain a good social life along with the mass amounts of work. Also, the guidance department isn't that helpful especially surrounding the topic of college applications. This makes everything very hard. The only good thing I would say about this school is the academics and some teachers who were willing to spend time to really help the student.
I really like the teachers at my school. The music program is very good. The cafeteria food could be better.
Livingston Board of Education offers a variety of courses and clubs that make it easy to find your interests early. In addition, the course work is challenging and prepares their students for college life. Being a freshman in college, a lot of my peers struggle with study skills and time management. I am grateful that Livingston Public Schools well prepared me with the tools necessary to ease the transition from High School to College.
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I found teachers, staff, administration as well as parents to be arrogant and condescending. Many cliques exist. If you are not friends with parents, chances are your child will be an outsider too. On my child's first day in kindergarten, no one would make eye contact with me. Everyone was too preoccupied with themselves and their phones to have a face to face conversation. It was really unfortunate for my child who was excluded by teachers, administrators as well as parents. We never fit in. My child was miserable and unhappy and so were we!!!!!The school district is huge. They herd children like cattle and everyone is expected to be the same. If you are different or have a different way of learning, this is not the school district for you. My child now attends a school which values creativity, gives a multitude of opportunities not just for a select few but for anyone who is willing to work hard. And most important my child feels successful and is happy!!!!
Overall the atmosphere in Livingston was well rounded. One thing that I can see change is the quality of teachers. The teachers were very biased toward certain students which changed the overall performance and grading.
Challenging academics and classes. The teachers are friendly and helpful. The technology is advanced and all students are issued a laptop. There are a lot of different electives from which to choose.
Overall, my experience at LHS has been a little stressful. I know the future these academically challenging classes with benefit me, but there are a lot. There is also a lot of competition in the school, which can create a stressful environment for some kids. Besides that, I yhink It’s a great school with great teachers who really want their students to succeed.
Livingston High School has prepared me for my future and find my path. Without my many classes of graphic design and art I would not have found my passion.
I have had a wonderful 12 years in the Livingston Public Schools system. My education has been pristine and I am offered a variety of courses to further my knowledge in areas I'd like to pursue in the future. The schools have all been very inclusive, I have had many opportunities within each school to participate in sports, clubs, and other organizations. All the teachers I've had have been extremely helpful and help me maintain my education. I honestly don't have any complaints about the district as I am completely satisfied.
Livingston Public Schools challenge students and provide a great education for children, allowing them to succeed after graduation.
This school has strong academics and interesting, competitive classes. In addition, there are many helpful and intelligent teachers. However, the school does not have a strong culture of unity.
Livingston offered a variety of AP and Honors courses, interesting electives, sports and other clubs allowing me to become involved within the greater school environment.
Livingston High School has prepared me for college and my future . The teachers have always been available for me for extra help. I really feel high school has been an amazing experience. I have made life long friendships, and an amazing education
The academics are great in the Livingston school district and it has really been a wonderful experience learning not only material but valuable life lessons as well. All of the teachers and great and make learning fun and interesting!
Livingston Public Schools is very prestigious. You are granted with the excellent education it promises that will prepare you for life after high school. However, I feel that there could have been more effort shown to care about each individual student. For a school system with such high expectations and large workloads, I would expect there to be more concern with students' mental health and personal issues.
They offer a lot of electives in their high school. They offer a lot of sports and clubs for everyone.
Livingston Public Schools is an excellent school system that allows you to proceed in your life, teaching you new things every day and making you a better person because of it. You may not like school when you are in it at the moment, but you never know how good you have it at Livingston until you're already out. Livingston gives you the freedom to make your own decisions, whether they be good or bad, and for me, the freedom to make my own mistakes was all I ever wanted.
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Livingston Public schools was a great experience for me growing up. It was able to help me grow in many different ways and understand more about different cultures other than my own do to the different diversities within the area. The teachers and faculty within the school system is 100% devoted for you to become the best you can be and they try their hardest to make sure you succeed at the end of the day.
Livingston High School has been a great place to spend the last 4 years. I have really enjoyed my teachers and their willingness and commitment to make sure I understand all the material. I also love the opportunity to learn in a "not so conventional' way in some of my classes. It's not just the teacher lecturing - we have real conversations about certain topics, or re enact certain historical scenarios, or crime scenes for forensic science - most of the teachers made the lesson plans relatable for teenagers. Using current trends and areas of interest to make the learning experience more engaging. The teachers seem to really care - and I have establish a wonderful rapport with each and every one of them. I feel Livingston has really provided me with the resources to really succeed in college.
I liked how teachers went out of there way to help you. They guided you through everything and offered many programs. They also treated the school like a college so the transition between high school and college wasn't that bad. What i would like to see them change is offer more opportunities for people to voice them selfs. I feel like there was a huge gap between the students and the Higher end staff.
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