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As a 1st year Senior at Liverpool, the overall environment is very nice. The teachers are amazing and all want our success in school and in the future. The things that could be changed are the facilities, like the bathrooms and the classrooms, as well as the food. These things are in the process of being changed, due to the current renovations. One of the other concerns is the lack of an art program, as they are placed in a completely different building from the rest of the school, giving the impression that is not as important than sports or any other program.
Liverpool has plenty of opportunities for students in academics, sports, and the arts. Energetic teachers rarely fail to engage and motivate students, who prove the quality of their education through above-average test scores and GPAs.
I had a great experience at lhs! The teachers, most if them anyhow, helped me to be ready. The district really tried to keep up with the changing culture.
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Liverpool is pretty much what a typical high school experience looks like. You really got to just push through it, challenge yourself, and create your own space.
Liverpool Central School District provides students with every opportunity to succeed. As a large school district, there are many extracurricular activities to take part in from a variety of athletic programs, to band, orchestra, theater, technology and other clubs and organizations. Academics are also strong as a wide variety of AP and other college courses are available. In addition, Liverpool has a highly rated special education and resource program to assist students. Overall, Liverpool is an excellent place for student opportunity and growth. I am glad to be a Liverpool alumni and I highly recommend the district.
I made so many great relationships with students and teachers alike. The faculty was kind and supportive in dealing with my concerns and frustrations. I felt comfortable and safe at all times thanks to the security that was always looking out for the wellbeing of the students. There isn't much that I would change about the school district other than the organizing of clubs and events. A lot of times there was a lack of communication between the presidents of clubs and the members. Although the clubs and events were a blast, there was a lot of uncertainty regarding location and time. If I would change anything, it would be ensuring that the community was well aware of the details regarding events, for example volunteer opportunities and sports.
While the campus is diverse, i felt it was way too big! I sometimes felt lost. I graduated with over 500 students, but truly only knew about 50. There are clubs to join, but often feel a little clique.
Good school that provides a great education and teachers help each student progress and become successful
Liverpool High School is a great school with many great opportunities for students. There are a wide variety of classes that can be taken from ellectives to advanced level courses to get a head start on your college career.
The Liverpool district has great teachers who are kindhearted and are willing to help students before and after school. Especially before important tests coming up, most teachers will have review days for up to a week beforehand after school. The teachers do a great job at learning each persons style of studying and assist them in turning their strengths into good study habits. If there was one thing Liverpool could improve on is the aesthetics of the school itself. From the outside, for example, the high school can seem very old. It's an old brick building and it has been that way for as long as I can remember. However, there are construction jobs going on in the near future to change the look of the great district.
Well this is my first year attending Liverpool High School. I'm from Puerto Rico and to be honest this district does a much better job; school is always, WiFi, advance computers and nice teachers. Can't compline about my school so far.
The LCSD is excellent in athletics and diversity. As far as sports teams go, the athletic director at Liverpool does a great job in providing parents and athletes with the means to excel at their sport. It is a very culturally diverse high school with numerous clubs and extracurricular activities such as Math league, kindness club, ski club, and more.
I’ve grown up in this school district and have seen many different ways they have tried to better the school. The teachers do their best to help the students and get them what they need for everyday work. On the other side the school can be very cliquey with groups and who they favorite. With sports are teams are good to competitive however some coaches play favorites and do not do what is good in the interest of the team but what will make there job the easiest.
Liverpool Central School District holds very helpful and caring staff that are there for almost anything and everything you need. The diversity amongst the classes and opportunities are beyond helpful and important in helping you to determine what you're looking to pursue as you move on to college.
I felt that the teachers genuinely cared about the students, and made it a point to help them, no matter what's going on in that students life. I also found that I learned a more expansive spectrum of information than other schools when I arrived at college.
As a student who is interested in my education I have had the privilege of having a few exceptional teachers who have inspired and motivated me. They do everything they can to make for an exciting and interactional learning environment. However, I have had numerous teachers that were anything but inspirational: teachers whose organizational skills interfere with the proper grades that are recorded in the grade book. I have had to defend my work to receive the proper grade that I should have earned, which is disheartening because I am a dedicated student. I have had teachers who unfortunately did not know their subject matter as well as they should. When you bring said problems to the administration, they act as if they do not care, hampering the learning experience. In a great learning environment the true educators would outnumber their uninspiring counterparts. The administration needs to value the feedback of the students who want to learn.
Attending Liverpool High School will forever one of my most favorable memories. Not only was it a great school that had outstanding teachers, but it had a very positive vibe throughout the school. The students were very friendly and overall, the school had a wonderful, studious environment.
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My overall experience at Liverpool High School was very good. I rarely ran into issues with my peers or the faculty. When I had graduated I felt prepared for college because of the college courses I took during high school.
Liverpool Central School District has lead me to where I am now, applying to colleges and striving for success. I am coming out of high school as an educated student. Although, there may be criticisms about the school, but there always is. There is no denying the education you receive after being in the Liverpool school district.
Liverpool High School is exactly what you would expect from a school in the suburbs. They care a lot about their sports and academics.
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