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Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District Reviews

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Livermore is a well rounded school for all students. They do their best to accommodate everyone. Teachers are good at belong students and the library has basically any book a student would need. The food for students is decently good.
The LVJUSD is a very good district to attend. The staff is very intelligent but also very biased in their political views. Some teachers try and manipulate political agendas into their lessons and it can be very hard sometimes to learn what we are supposed to. If this problem can be fixed, LVJUSD would be an amazing district to attend school.
I felt that I always had the resources to ask questions and get proper answers that were able to help me get where I am. They do a good job at keeping their students on a good path. The academics are great everyone cares about the education their students are getting, and where it will get them. Overall I am glad I have been able to be in such a good district with great schools.
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The teachers are incredibly thoughtful and are strive for their students to succeed. However, some of the administration and faculty fail to follow protocol when it comes to bullying and sexual harassment claims.
Overall LVJUSD is decent, I would like them to hire better teachers and make schools more inclusive to all people.
I am a Junior at Livermore High School and I give this school 3 stars. There is a wide selection of classes you can take. But the bad thing about these classes are that a lot of them you can only take every other year, so it messes with your schedule. I like this school because the school spirit is always very festive and everybody dresses up for spirit days!
I have really enjoyed Livermore Valley School District. I have developed good relationships with the people and the teacher that work there. The students are great, and every time that I need help with something, there is always someone there. One of my favorite things about Livermore High School is the free Wednesday night tutoring that they provide every Wednesday from 7-9pm. It has helped me tremendously in math and I am very grateful for it.
I would like to see a better choice in principles and a better job at stopping bullying. I would also like to see better teachers and less 10 year contracts. It's not fair for students to continually complain and get poor grades year after year and the teacher stay because of a contract. Teachers should have to prove themselves before getting the contract.
They are very well prepared for all sorts of conditions and student types, but lack the ability to follow through with what they say they're going to do.
It is very hit or miss with the schools in Livermore. Rancho Las Positas was a brilliant school. It was all around a great school that encouraged learning on any level and they worked very hard to make school a fun and enriching environment for kids. Middle school is horrible no matter where you go, especially at the big two: Mendenhall and Junction. Mendenhall is a place you're guaranteed to be bullied at, even by staff, if you are not a rich white preppy kid who conforms to every latest trend. Junction is just about as "ghetto" as it's reputation claims it is. High school is hit or miss in and of itself depending on who you encounter and how you react to those people. Most staff though realize you just want to get it over with and they'll help their best with that.
LVJUSD's goal is for you to graduate, while also leaving them a good reputation. They do their best to see where you are at and keep teachers in line with objectives and the right pace for the majority of the students. There is testing done from grade school to high school to prove their effectiveness. However, there are some areas that are simply ignored. For example, the foreign language department was not being funded enough, while others were. Overall, the balance is fair and opportunities are present, but students must have the inclination to acquire them to their advantage.
I enjoyed the schools in this district, all were safe places and the teachers and faculty really tried to help the students succeed if the students worked with them. The facilities weren't great and not all but a decent amount of teachers could use improving. Prepared you well for college if you took the right steps and put in the right effort yourself
I have received a great education and have had fun while doing it. I did not go here until the sixth grade and being in middle school is already hard but these schools made it easy. From the teachers who helped you to learn more to the wide variety of after school activities. Not only have I learned a lot but I made lasting friendship with numerous people that I would not have met unless I went here. The school culture was phenomenal and I would recommend it to everyone.
It's hit or miss for a lot of classes. Some programs and teachers are great. Other classes seem to be filled with pointless busy work.
I have gone to an elementary, middle, and high school in the Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District. The experience has been good. I have encountered primarily exceptional teachers, however there have been a few teachers who have been completely horrible. Overall, I feel my time in the LVJUSD has prepared me for college and life beyond.
I really love the livermore school district. They tremendously helped me out when I was in elementary school and needed a little extra help in my reading and writing. I was able to join resource which help me advance in school and eventually leave the program in high school when I had excel in reading and writing. The district also was very good at keeping the schools running nice and smoothly and making campuses always looking nice. Also, by proving AP courses in high school, students where able to prepare for college before they even enter it.
Livermore has a great public school system. Their number one goal is making sure the students leave their with the knowledge they need to make it in the world, and college. College attendance is high after attending their schools.
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So far with my tie being in this school district I have really liked it. I think my experience has been great and I am getting to further explore my passions.
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