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Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District Reviews

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Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District is comprised of helpful employees, good teachers, and amazing resources. They are willing to help you with any task and make the school a safe environment for your kids and other students.
I honestly loved the schools I attended while in the LVJUSD system. While there were some hit or miss teachers in my middle school years the district always kept their students and families informed and up to date on any news that was important, especially during the time of COVID-19 closures.
This school district had some hard workers, but some of the teachers did not really care for the students as much as I would have liked. It seemed like they only cared for the grade instead of how hard you worked. They needed more stem teachers cause there was only 2 teachers for at least 10 classes which made them work harder then they needed to. The athletics is pretty competitive but the coaches only cared for how much money you donated to the team, they did not care about how hard you worked. The basketball team is going to be the best team in the country in a few years they have one of the hardest working coaches in the country. But overall the school district works very hard to make sure the students get an education its just the students part to work hard and pay attention.
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The teachers care about their students and work to connect and build trust. I would like to see the district organize job and outreach programs to provide more opportunities for students.
Going through this district, I felt uncared about. Although I felt like they didn't care about their students, there were some teachers who seemed to really care about their students. I think a lot of people on the school board didn't really care at all about the students.
Livermore Valley Joint Unified School District is a wonderful place to go to school. The facilities, resources, and teachers are all outstanding and are enjoyed by many in the community.
Very inclusive towards targeting all different cultures and promoting diversity. Also, great at being very supportive through its resources and facilities.
Going into my senior year after spending 11 years studying a variety of subjects in the LVJUSD, I would like to see more funding towards our English department. This specific department needs attention because their projectors, boards, and equipment in their classrooms are slowly falling apart. Many teachers have to buy supplies for their classroom with their own money out of their already small paycheck.
Also, the drama department needs lots of funding because we use the same props and costumes almost every year. In this last musical, a light fell from the ceiling during intermission on closing night; no one was injured (thankfully) but everything on our stage is so old that many more instances such as that one could happen.
I like the way teachers talk to the students and how it looks like they really enjoy doing their job and seeing students succeed.
This is an excellent school district to grow up in, the staff in all of the schools I attended from Administrators to Janitors were absolutely fantastic. I would have loved to see more money go towards newer textbooks over the years, but overall a fantastic place to go to school.
Before reaching high school, they were very good with accommodating low income families with resources that they need such as the free lunch program for their kids. It is pretty diverse depending on which school a kid attends and what kind of neighborhood surrounds the school.
It is a district that is always improving and doing their best to help the students with whatever it may be.
I really like how so many of the teachers are involved with the students and their programs. The school is doing a lot to update the facilities, but they need more classrooms and they are not on the currant list to be added. I like the Mat Chats with the principal and the parents. They really need more Councilors per student. They have added a councilor this year, but need even more with so many students. They could definitely use some more emotional councilors too.
Livermore is a well rounded school for all students. They do their best to accommodate everyone. Teachers are good at belong students and the library has basically any book a student would need. The food for students is decently good.
The LVJUSD is a very good district to attend. The staff is very intelligent but also very biased in their political views. Some teachers try and manipulate political agendas into their lessons and it can be very hard sometimes to learn what we are supposed to. If this problem can be fixed, LVJUSD would be an amazing district to attend school.
I felt that I always had the resources to ask questions and get proper answers that were able to help me get where I am. They do a good job at keeping their students on a good path. The academics are great everyone cares about the education their students are getting, and where it will get them. Overall I am glad I have been able to be in such a good district with great schools.
The teachers are incredibly thoughtful and are strive for their students to succeed. However, some of the administration and faculty fail to follow protocol when it comes to bullying and sexual harassment claims.
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Overall LVJUSD is decent, I would like them to hire better teachers and make schools more inclusive to all people.
I am a Junior at Livermore High School and I give this school 3 stars. There is a wide selection of classes you can take. But the bad thing about these classes are that a lot of them you can only take every other year, so it messes with your schedule. I like this school because the school spirit is always very festive and everybody dresses up for spirit days!
I have really enjoyed Livermore Valley School District. I have developed good relationships with the people and the teacher that work there. The students are great, and every time that I need help with something, there is always someone there. One of my favorite things about Livermore High School is the free Wednesday night tutoring that they provide every Wednesday from 7-9pm. It has helped me tremendously in math and I am very grateful for it.
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