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Great people and community! I have great teachers and wonderful friends! The school district seems to care about their students an not just about money, unlike some other school districts.
I go to Littleton High School. I'm a senior and Littleton has been a great experience for me. The teachers have taught me so much, I have made some amazing friends, and I have been able to get involved in clubs and activities.
I moved to this school system at the start of middle school. It is very safe and kid friendly with hundreds of options and staff who are willing to put in the work it takes to create a school culture that is safe and engaging within all grades. There is very little diversity within the students and while the school is an amazing place to learn, the students are not the nicest nor the most giving or understanding.
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So far my experience at littleton public schools has been great. from attending Arapaho community college I have felt welcomed going back to school. though taking classes on the fourth floor is a bit annoying, but taking the stairs helps promote wellness.
I greatly enjoyed my school. Overall I enjoyed my experience in the Littleton public schools district. The teachers present the material in an educational way, they care about the students. The facilites accomplish the needs of the students and teacher. Overll Littilton Public schools gives students above average experience.
My experience at Littleton Public Schools started in High School when I was accepted into Heritage High School. I knew no one, but felt welcome right away. Even with its prison like exterior, the school is so open and welcoming. I have enjoyed my time at HHS so much, this school shaped me as a person. Before going to Heritage I was quite shy and it was hard for me to make new friends, but there I met so many kind people and I even became president of my schools Key Club, which is a volunteering club. I struggled with my grades in Middle School, but the teachers and courses at HHS allowed me to excel in all of my classes. When thinking of ways that would make Littleton Public Schools better, the only thing I can honestly think of would have to be allowing different programs to get class credit, like gym credits for people in sports. I love Littleton Public Schools and am proud to be an alumni in 4 months.
I have been with Littleton Public Schools for 6th through 12th, and through that time the administrations have been excellent. They are above expectations when it comes to proper communication and education. My high school teachers have been great and well qualified, and I feel that the people in charge really care about what the student and families have to say.
The curriculum was very open in the sense I really got to choose my academic classes and the styles that suited me best. The learning environment was pretty good and the teachers were very open to helping me out should I need it. The school made me feel like I had a future with my education and even let me experience similar circumstances to the line of work I wish to pursue; science.
My 12 years in LPS was fairly enjoyable and I feel like I was provided the tools necessary to be my own leader and choose my own path. I would like to see more staff to student interaction and a change to the food.
We enjoy the elementary school our son goes to and the staff are amazing...however, I have to comment on the difficulty our family has experienced with the school schedule not meshing with our work schedules. The late start Weds and the amount of scattered days off throughout the school year is a real burden on working families. The school system needs to better align their schedule for the convenience of parents. It would be fantastic to go to year-round education in the future, it seems this would solve a lot of problems.
I have had a great experience with Littleton Public School and I believe they have taught me well for college and prepared me for strong challenges. Also the community is very loving and work together in times of need.
As a student of this school system I would like to see a change a change in how teachers handle suicides school we have had 5 since I have been a freshman. I enjoy how diverse our clubs are though.
I have overall not had a single bad teacher in this district and I have been going to LPS schools from first grade until I graduated high school. Maybe it is just pure coincidence or some kind of celestial level luck but from my point of view it is a pretty amazing rep sheet from my end.
I would be very pleased if there was more diversity in the Littleton Public Schools system, but otherwise, it has proved to be an extremely successful path for myself and my siblings as we've grown up. My siblings and I have all had amazing teachers in our years at Runyon Elementary School, Powell Middle School, and Heritage High School. As a senior, I feel prepared to go into college next year.
I liked the overall experience I had as a student within the district growing up. The activities, sports, and classroom environments were consistently amazing. The administration always seemed to kill some school traditions and were somewhat strict, but they did always try to do what was best for our school and district which is something I respect. One thing that stood out was school pride and reputation. I was always genuinely excited to be able to represent my school on the sports field or even in the classroom and club competitions. Keep that school pride and community! It is the silver lining of having to sit in a classroom for hours at a time.
I enjoyed going to littleton public schools for high school. all of my teachers were great at teaching and wonderful people.
Littleton Public Schools provide a strong foundation before college. The teachers are incredible at what they do and really have a passion to raise the next generation.
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Overall my experience within the Littleton Public School District was good. I was in the district from Kindergarten until I graduated from Arapahoe High School. 90% of the teachers I had were great, I learned not only academic materials from them but important life lessons that helped shape me and kept me on the right path going to college.
The diversity between each schools is great. The rivalry games are always enjoyable. The community surrounding these schools is very nice and welcoming.
I think my school is very integrated and personally I believe our student body isn't cliche. Although I do feel that a lot of our teachers should not be teachers. They are unreasonably stingy and mix their personal lives in their professional lives.
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