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I first came to Littlestown with an open mind, I was ready to learn, full of life and motivation. As the years passed by my motivations were not for the thrill of the future but to get out of this horribly xenophobic, misogynistic school and town. The school itself does not care about students but how the school appears to the rest of the world. For instance, at previous schools I have attended people would be expelled and even taken to court for threats to the school and student body, however, at Littlestown proven threats and dangers are blown off and let back in the following week of incidents that should raise red flags to the school and local officials.
I like all the options for classes and clubs. I would like to change how the school is set up because they have your classes all on different floors where you have to like run to your class.
Littlestown Area School District is a good school for rural Pennsylvania offering a strong connection between the teachers and their small class sizes. The school gives those interested in entering the workforce or college path in life every resource they could ask for to prepare from interviews to internships. While this is true, the school could use more diversity and discipline, the former being something the school itself can't openly change, as it is up to those families enrolling.
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Littlestown area school district has a very good educational system. The teachers there are very focused on student success in and out of school. The teachers are also focused on the students success after they have graduated from high school pursuing either a career, college degree, or heading in to the armed forces. The sports and other club activities that students can participate in are also very open to either new players and old players. The coaches are focused on the student succeeding in school and also succeeding in their sports career. Overall the atmosphere of Littlestown schools is great, very student focused.
There are a variety of activities available for any student and majority of the teachers and very involved with their students. There are particular teachers that simply do not show interest in what they are teaching but overall the school has a safe and encouraging environment for the most part.
It is very close-minded and focuses too much on football, while ignoring other sports. I liked how they got rid of the dress code, but it was too little too late.
Littlestown lacks keeping up with the times. We are behind in technology which hurts the kids learning.
My experience with Littlestown Area School District was very good. There are an array of activities and organizations that one can be involved in and I took advantage of those opportunities.
Littlestown Area School District was a decent place to acquire my education but it lacks a lot of things I would've liked in my high school education such as air conditioning, up-to-date technology, and adequate college and career guidance.
Small school but there are a lot of good aspects to it. I met some of my best friends there. Despite the lack of air conditioning and proper heating, my experience was pretty good. I played tennis and was involved in stage crew. I loved working within the theater managing all the behind the scenes tasks. Sports are very popular in my home town, everyone loves to go out and watch football on Friday nights, but the other sports are often overlooked; which is disappointing. The teachers were helpful and fun, and helped to prepare me for college.
My experience at Littlestown Area School District was one an outstanding experience. The faculty, including the students that surrounded me, helped me grow and become a better student. There is so much support and not one doubt given. I was never stumped because the district was so well with helping every student! My experience was well lived and I would recommend this district to first time students.
I have been a part of Littlestown School District for my whole life, and I can genuinely say that I am glad my parents chose to settle down in this small town, giving me the opportunity to attend these schools. Because of this small town, I've grown up with the same people since Kindergarten, creating a very close-community feeling. In addition to always feeling at home, I feel that my relationships with my teachers has contributed to my success. Littlestown School District has always hired teachers that are supportive and are willing to help each and every student to the best of their abilities. Besides the education aspect, this school district has provided the opportunity for myself, and many others, to join groups and organizations that keep students busy, as well as involved with the community.
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